She comes in colors: Appliances with Style

She comes in colors: Appliances

Sponsored Post When it comes to large and small appliances, we’re usually stuck with black, white and stainless. Nice enough, but… why not electric purple or metallic blue? That’s what several companies asked at the CES 2014 in Vegas, where I saw appliances in rainbow colors and patterns.  Put your shades on, and let’s have a look:


Prints on microwaves. Whirlpool Mexico teamed up with local artists to create Whirlpool Max Art microwaves, each of which sports a unique, traditional-style print on its door…in prismatic colors. You can’t buy one (yet), but I think hipsters and dorm room dwellers would be all over these. So much potential— would love to print a design from my computer to a transfer one day that I could stick to my microwave to jazz it up. Hope that’s where this is going.


Heat up with hue. This range of ranges from Bertozzoni gives the show-stopping appliance in your kitchen a big dose of wow. 

Duet Paisley Primary

Pattern in the laundry room.  Washers and dryers in a smattering of patterns and styles. Whether you fancy big, silver spots, aqua zig-zags or black-and-white flowers, you’ll now be able to get them on Whirlpool’s patterned Duet Designs washers and dryers.


Toast in Color. This Bodum Bistro Toaster comes in fun colors, as does this DeLonghi rainbow from the KMix series makes your morning multigrain a whole lot more interesting.

Refrigerators in bloom. Though they aren’t yet available in America, LG has been turning out some stylin’ refrigerators worldwide, including this hot red number, available in Africa, and this frosty design from Korea.

Talk about true colors! Do you like a classic look, or would you prefer a purple microwave? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks again, Whirlpool, for sponsoring my CES wrap-up series. Check out the special Whirlpool 20/20: Your Future In Focus section of Whirlpool’s website to see what the company is planning for the kitchen of the future.

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  1. I absolutely love the creativity here. I am in search of a cobalt blue stove. Does your company paint or design appliences? How would I go about getting a blue range for my new home?

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