Best of CES Roundup: Home Edition

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Sponsored Post CES in Las Vegas is overwhelming. So much is NEW! FASTER! SLIMMER! BETTER! (Sounds like my New Year’s resolutions), and it’s all on display to inspire you and lead you into the future. To bring you this roundup, I’ve partnered with Whirlpool, whose booth at the show frankly blew me away (it was a “kitchen of the future” so impressive that I’ll dedicate a separate posting to it— stay tuned).  Here are some of my favorite finds from CES that will be making an appearance in your home soon, no doubt:

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.14.02 PM

GoECOLife Shredder.  The thing with shredders is that they’re practical but not pretty. GoECOlife has come up with some really nice designs that also happen to be carbon-neutral. I was taken with the black-and-white 10-sheer Micro Cut model, which looks like the love child of an iPod and a stormtrooper. And in this case, that’s a good thing.

Belkin Crock Pot WeMo smart slow cooker.  Yes, you can control this baby with your smartphone, using Belkin’s WeMo app. So when work runs late and you don’t want to overcook your goulash, you can turn down the temp from your desk (or under the table at that big meeting…). Or if you’re just hungry, you can check if your dish is done yet.

Whirlpool’s AccuPop microwave.  Once you pop, you just can’t stop—if you’re a regular microwave, that is… which leads to burnt bags of popcorn. Whirlpool has solved the problem with AccuPop, a new microwave feature that “listens” to the kernels popping, so cooking stops when the pops slow down. No more interrupting movies to listen to the “pop-pop-I-think-I-burnt-it” blues.

MiPow PlayBulb.  Okay, this isn’t going to stop global warming (probably) or cure cancer (definitely). But I admit I couldn’t ignore this silly but fun thing: a Bluetooth-enabled lightbulb that plays music from your favorite devices. The idea is that it’s easy to set up and blends into the background, serving as both a hip lamp and a speaker. Plus you can look forward to friends asking, “Where is that music coming from?”


Canary home security system.  Security systems are pricey and involve subscriptions… which are pricey. Canary’s smooth-lined, all-in-one device will monitor your house’s temperature, humidity and air quality, has a motion detector and siren, and even offers WiFi-enabled video with night vision. It learns your pet’s movements, so Fido or Fluffy won’t set it off. Plus it will send your phone updates on how everything is doing, which really makes home feel sweeter. Oh, and it’s not pricey. $300 and no subscription.



LG’s curved 55″ OLED TV.  What’s shaped like a satellite, has incredible colors and curves to make Angelina Jolie jealous? It’s this new OLED TV. Besides the fact that it’s beautiful, it uses “organic light-emitting diodes,” substances that produce more vibrant hues than LEDs. And did I make clear that it’s curvy instead of a flat rectangle? Swoon.

Neato robotic vacuum cleaner.  Move over, Roomba. The new ‘bot in town can map your room before it starts vacuuming, so it won’t miss a spot. And it uses “jet engine airflow principles” to suction stuff better. As long as it grabs the dog hair, I’m psyched.

Kolibree app-operated toothbrush.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one: “You need to start brushing better around these teeth here, here, and here.” I thought I was pretty good about brushing my teeth, but apparently, my dentist knows better. I plan to lighten things up with this new toothbrush, which connects with an app to tell you how well and where you’re actually brushing! Get ready, Doc: my future’s so bright, you’d better wear shades.

Have you heard about other technology that debuted at CES? What are you excited about that’s coming in the world of tech for the home?

Thanks, Whirlpool, for sponsoring my CES wrap-up series. Check out the special Whirlpool 20/20: Your Future In Focus section of their website to see what they’re planning for the kitchen of the future. 


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