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Never getting out of bed thanks to this eco-friendly comforter

Buffy Comforter

Sleep: It’s both blissful and, at times, hard to come by depending on what you’re ruminating on. My current comforter was great at keeping me warm, being soft and fluffy and making falling into bed a glorious thing. Or so I thought… because apropos of Earth Day, along came Buffy and I’ve never been the same.

Buffy is a chemical-free, hypo-allergenic comforter that is fluffy-with-a-capital-EFF and much gentler on the skin than your average cotton bedding. It’s made from a natural eucalyptus shell fabric that is both cooling and hypo-allergenic. Combine that with a super-soft weave (320 for all you thread count nerds), and it’s the height of cozy comfort and planet-and-animal friendliness.

Buffy ComforterBuffy ComforterBuffy uses innovative materials and design to reduce water waste and prevent animal cruelty. Did you know (I didn’t!) that the feathers for many down comforters are collected by live plucking birds?! (Google videos on this if you dare… horrifying.) Buffy’s impossibly soft fill is made from recycled bottles (cue applause from landfills and oceans). Plus cotton is one of the most toxic, heavily-sprayed things we grow, and uses so much water in the process. Replacing cotton with it’s eucalyptus fabric uses 1,000 gallons less water. 

Icing on cake:  Buffy’s materials also include natural volcanic minerals (the stuff found in baths or wraps at high end spas) to make the material more breathable and help wick away any unwanted extra heat and moisture. (Traditional down comforters do the opposite.) So your comforter is kind of like a spa treatment now? I’m down. (See what I did there?! Ahem.)

Buffy Comforter

OK, all this said, it takes a lot to just go up and switch (and invest in) a new comforter overnight, especially one that seems to reinvent the category. That’s why Buffy offers a Casper-like trial period, so you have 30 full days—and heavenly nights—to test out the comforter’s promised fluffiness before committing. (Seriously, you won’t even be charged until the trial is up.)

So, what do you think? Eco-friendly comforter for the win? Let me know in the comments. 

Thanks to Buffy for supplying a comforter to test. As always, opinions are my own.

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