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Back to school week: Wakey wakey edition

back to school: wakey

I keep refreshing my calendar thinking it’s some sort of glitch, but it seems that school is, indeed, around the corner. I’m getting ready all week with guides to everything from taking notes to doing homework to outfitting the ultimate locker.  Today, I’m contemplating mornings: Hopefully the stuff I’ve listed here make the “hectic” a bit more “handled.” Check back every day this week for more!

Back to school: Wakey Wakey!


1. Organic lunchbag and snack packs from Fluf— perfect score on no-waste lunches. $18 – 19.50.

2. Violight Za Za Zapi toothbrush sanitizer— brush your teeth, ick-free. $33.

3. Krups citrus press— get your fresh squeeze on before you leave in the morning. $129.

4. Tired of fighting about getting up in the morning? Clocky makes your kid chase it around the room. Gooodmorning… $43.

5. DistilUnion’s Snooze dock makes your iPhone into an alarm clock… complete with slappable snooze button. $34.99.

6. The Lalalunchbox app makes your kid into a star lunch-packer, teaching them about balanced meals without all the nagging (iPhone only). FREE.

7. If I must tolerate one more thing shaped like a mustache, let this be the Crustache sandwich cutter. Now your kids can eat incognito. $2.81.

8. Splurge on the Vitamix professional series 300 for perfect morning smoothies (or after school soups). $529.

9. Black + Blum lunch pot is a bento-style lunchbox that keeps foods from touching (ewww!). $23.

10. Bikn means never having to say, “I can’t find my keys!” when it’s time to leave in the AM. Starter kit (with two key fobs) $129.

11. Cuisinart’s electric yogurt maker makes a batch of natural yogurt that will last all week.  Add real fruit for custom flavors. $112.

12. InCase campus compact backpack comes in great colorblock combos, this one is just the right amount of girly. Stores a 15″ laptop and tons more. $59.95.


All products and services are hand-picked by me. I am not compensated for my recommendations.

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