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It’s Easy to Make Your Apartment Smart

Apartment Therapy Video Series

Guys— Apartment Therapy came to shoot my house! And it was awesome. They’re one of my favorite websites for all-things home decor, and I’ve been writing for them for a while. But when I suggested a video series about how to really use smart home products, which ones to pick to create a smart apartment, an energy efficient one, or a family-friendly one, they said YES and I practically did a backflip. The first video is out now— check it out here!

Originally appeared on Apartment Therapy

You want a home of the future, but you don’t own your apartment. Game over? Not at all. There are so many connected products on the market that are perfect for apartments— the price tag is doable, the install is easy and they’re all easily movable to your next place. And I’m thrilled to show off a handful of them in this video, because it’s time for renters to have some of the smart home fun that homeowners have been hogging for years! Each of the products in this video provide quick and easy ways to make your apartment “smart”: That is, a home that you can control and monitor with a smartphone, providing extra layers of security and convenience.

Knock knock

Let’s start at the front door. You might be unsure of how you can swap your deadbolt for something smarter since, according to your landlord, changing the hardware is a no-no. But the August Smart Lock takes care of the problem by allowing you to replace the interior of your lock only, leaving the exterior in-tact. It installs in minutes (peep the video to see how easy it is to install!) and turns your smartphone into a front door key. This lock is brilliant for allowing temporary access to your apartment (like to a dog walker, or housekeeper) without leaving a key under the mat (you’re fooling no one). You can assign “guest keys” that you can revoke at any time, remotely unlock and lock the door (with additional hardware) and best of all? No one on the outside of the door is the wiser. When you’re ready to move, just replace the back half of the old deadbolt, and you’re good to go.

Anyone Home?

Alarm systems are few and far between in apartments and rentals, since they used to require a wired install and costly monthly fees. Simplisafe is a wireless alarm system that turns the old system on its head— each piece is peel-and-stick and is as easy to install as a handful of Post-It notes. Every part— glass break sensors, door and window sensors, motion sensors, even the digital keypad— connects to the base station (that’s connected to your wireless router) so you can operate the alarm system from your smartphone, with police monitoring at a rate that’s a lot more affordable than traditional alarm plans. Anyone can install this and have a safer, monitored home with little effort.

Great Sound, No Wires

Lastly, in-ceiling speakers might seem unattainable in a rented space, but a crafty company called Sengled has figured out how to put great speakers into lightbulbs that are as easy to install as… screwing in a lightbulb. Place pairs of these strategically around your apartment and you’ll have smart lighting and whole home audio that you can (say it with me!) take with you to your next abode.

Although… with all these cool gadgets in your “smart-partment,” you might never want to move.

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