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3 smart appliances to get you from zero to dinner

Hestan Cue Smart Pot

Thrilling to see so many smart appliances solving real problems in the kitchen, and making it possible to try new things and be a more confident cook. Here are three that are on my radar:

Hestan Cue Smart Pot

Stew in it

Think you can’t pull off a seafood cioppino like this one? Hestan’s Smart Chef’s Pot begs to differ. Its temperature sensing technology makes it foolproof— you just dial up the recipe (or any other you fancy from the Hestan Cue app) and the pan and it’s accompanying induction burner communicate with one another to walk you through the recipe, adjusting temperature automatically at each step. Consider it your invitation to take risks you wouldn’t normally take the kitchen, like deep frying or candy making. With this smart pot, you can’t make a mistake, trust.

Pie in the sky

If you love pizza, like realllly love pizza, you might want to clear your countertops off and invest in Breville’s Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, the first in its category to hit a blazing-hot 750 degrees. That means a beautifully blistered, wood-fired style pizza in two minutes. The smart sensors optimize the environment inside for a any pizza you’re creating, whether it be New York-style, deep dish, thin-crust or frozen.

Drink dispensed

You’re a wine-afficionado, but you don’t have those fancy temperature-controlled refrigerators. The Plum Wine dispenser & preservation system is your secret weapon— the first appliance to automatically preserve, chill, and serve two bottles of wine, by the glass. It can identify any varietal with artificial intelligence (a cool party trick— for when we have parties again), and will preserve an open bottle for 90 days. Plus the sleek design and touchscreen make it a dashing addition to your bartop. At the touch of a button, your glass is poured and dinner is served.

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