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Hello, Seattle!

Smart Kitchen

Seattle is one of my favorite cities and it kills me that I have ZERO time to play while I’m here this week. I’m speaking at a really cool conference called the Smart Kitchen Summit: A gathering of some of the biggest names in both the kitchen and technology industries, all talking about how smart your future refrigerator or blender might be.

Because of the work I do both with HGTV and now the International Home & Housewares Show, I’m psyched to be here to keep my ear to the ground and meet people who are on the front lines in this area. But personally, I’m just as intrigued. Like many of you, I struggle with:

  • Wondering what’s for dinner night after night
  • Throwing out food
  • Forgetting what I need from the grocery store (or three) when I get there
  • Staring at my pantry and wondering what I can make with what I have
  • Wanting to be a better cook than I am

So if kitchens are getting smarter, my hope is that they’re solving these problems for me.

I’ve toured a lot of kitchens— both because of my work at HGTV and because it’s my most favorite place to hang out in any home. So in my talk I’ll be sharing kitchen trends and what (I think) consumers want in their kitchens of the future.

Smart kitchen

Wish me luck on my speech, and expect a full report from me from the trenches!

Photo borrowed from here.

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