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8 Best Apps to Organize Your Recipes

Food Recipe Apps

Raise your spatula if this sounds like you: you’re always bookmarking great-sounding recipes you find online (hellooo, chocolate ganache), but when it comes time to cook, you have no quick way to access or even remember your favorites. Yeah, that was me, too. I had about a million delicious ideas saved, but I couldn’t scroll through that many bookmarks to find what I wanted when I wanted it.

That’s why I’ve rounded up eight great apps that will get those recipes in order, like a perfectly organized virtual shelf for your digital recipe cards. There’s even something there for those of you who can’t stop snapping shots of your restaurant meals, and would love a better way to catalogue those pics. Read more in my post on Made + Remade.

Here’s a sneak preview: Say you’re at the market and Japanese eggplant is on sale, but you’re not sure how to use it. Type that and two other ingredients of your choice into BigOven, and recipes will instantly appear. The app contains a stunning 250,000 of them—plus you can add your own, so if you have a Japanese eggplant recipe, the app will call it up for you.

See more apps here.

Bon app-etit.

Do you have a favorite app to organize your recipes? Tell me about it in the comments!

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