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Keeping up with the news can often feel like another full-time job.

There’s so much you need to know about what’s happening around the world, plus the election and other national issues here. Not to mention the pop culture tidbits you’ve got to stay on top of for socializing purposes. (No one wants to be the dinner party pariah who hasn’t yet seen the “Lemonade” video. Sigh.)

But it’s impossible to read every New York Times story, 5,000-word New Yorker feature, and issue of Vogue and be a productive person living in the modern world.

So, use your tech. There are now countless apps that curate and condense news for you, filtering out the noise you don’t need and summarizing big-deal stories so you can get the important points, fast.

Here are 10 that serve slightly different purposes, for every kind of news diet.

for getting brilliant in seconds

The Skimm provides a daily round-up of the most important things you need to know for the next 24 hours, written as if your smart BFF were catching you up. (Think “Syria” and “Bye Felicia” in the same update.)

for personalized news

Choose channels based on topics you’re interested in (Health, New York City, etc.) and Flipboard will deliver top stories in those areas from varied, trusted sources like The Guardian, the Associated Press, and Elle, all in a pretty, magazine-y format.

for listening to your news

If you’d rather listen than read, NPR One curates podcasts and radio broadcasts (from both NPR and outside sources) based on what you’re interested in, and adjusts to your preferences as you provide feedback on what you like.

for those who like pictures

It may seem outdated, but Yahoo! News Digest actually does a great job at delivering top headlines in the form of quick summaries with great visuals, twice a day.

for editor curated pics

Sure, you can pick the articles that interest you, but you could also let people who really get it do it for you. BuzzFeed News curates the most important global news picked by the site’s reporters and editors around the world.

for smart, clean (AKA Apple-style), news

Apple News is one more way to apply the minimalist Apple aesthetic to all aspects of your life. Why not? It’s visually clean and streamlined and personalizes the news it curates from top channels and publications (CNN, Bloomberg, Vanity Fair) to what you like to read.

for your teenage daughter

College-bound girls should be reading Clover Letter, which makes world news relevant to them and also delivers stories on topics important to teens, like love and career aspirations.

for keeping up with your favorite blogs

You can read news stories on Feedly, too, but it’s especially great for pulling together all of the latest posts from the blogs you follow into one place, so you can stop clicking all over the internet.

for stories you want to read later

Pocket is literally like a, well, pocket for news you don’t want to lose. It allows you to save articles, videos, recipes, and other content you find while browsing the internet, in email, or in other apps—to come back to later.

Do you use a curated news app? Tell me which one and why you love it in the comments, below!


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