The workout wear you need to stay fit during the holidays

j. crew hoodie: workout wear

These days, my workout goals are shifting: I’m focused on getting strong, sweating out toxins, breathing deeply and keeping my heart healthy. I’ve been trying some new classes in the city (I’m OBSESSED with Y7’s hip hop yoga classes) and spinning a ton. I’ve also been boxing after shunning it for years— not only is it bringing out all kinds of definition in my arms (score!) but I can feel my brain working hard to make sure my arms are swinging where they’re supposed to, so I’m getting a physical and mental workout.

One thing that hasn’t changed is wanting to look cute and have all the right gear. If feel good about how I look, and don’t spend the class fidgeting with a shirt that’s riding up or old leggings that are losing their stretch, I can reserve my focus for the workout and get the most out of it.

Today I thought I’d share what I’m wearing, or toting, to the gym these days— hope it inspires you to stay fit during pecan pie season, and feel good doing it.

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Here are some of my fave workout pieces for fall. Happy shopping (and sweating!).

Sports Bras: Workout wear

Sports bras

Where it all starts— if your girls aren’t happy, then the work out pretty much goes down the drain. I love these sheer bras from Alo and Michi.

Shop more sports bras here.

outdoor voices: workout wear


Outdoor Voices is my new find, and I stalk their site on the regular. There is something very fresh and fun about their palate and color blocking. Their fun two-tone leggings are my new favorites.

Shop more leggings here. 

  sweatpants: workout wear


I rarely need an excuse to put on sweatpants. I practically run home at the end of each day and jump into a pair. Monrow makes a great pair that I’m living in lately, and I’m also partial to Sundry‘s soft styles with cute words down the leg.

Shop more sweatpants here.

Sneakers: Workout Wear


I discovered Spalwarts, these German athletic sneakers on the Outdoor Voices website, and am now in love with nearly every colorway. I am also digging Veja’s styles, which are stylish for street and gym wear and sustainably made.

Shop more sneakers here.

headbands: workout wear


I have a lot of hair. When I workout I need that hair GONE. So… headbands. This one from Manduka doesn’t squeeze my head too tight, but still keeps all curls out of my eyes.

Shop more headbands here

tank tops: workout wear

Tank tops

Sometimes I’m looking for an extra layer, and these muscle tanks are soft and lightweight. Plus little inspirational messages on these from Good HYOUman make them fun for me and everyone who reads them.

Shop more tank tops here.

Drop Bottle: Workout wear

Water bottle

Stay hydrated. Not easy when you don’t love drinking water, and you’re picky about what you drink out of. Drop Bottle is my new fave— it’s wide mouth lets you infuse your H2O with all kinds of goodies that make it more fun to sip, and it’s made of glass, which I prefer to metal or plastic.

Shop more water bottles here.

  gym bag: workout wear

Gym bags

This duffel from Baggu is my dream gym bag. It’s light as a feather, has plenty of room for all my sweaty things, and

Shop more gym bags here

stance socks: workout wear Athletic Socks

My daughter, the athletic one in the family, turned me on to Stance socks. She wears hers high for basketball, I wear mine at the ankle. Either way, they are some of the most comfortable socks I own, and they don’t feel as sweaty during workouts.

Shop more socks here.


Bando Yoga Mat: Workout Wear

Yoga Mats

I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered, “After this we’re getting pizza” in a yoga class at least once— but now that I see it on a yoga mat by Ban.do, it’s my new mantra.

Shop more yoga mats here

j. crew hoodie: workout wear


J. Crew just partnered with New Balance to create a workout collection, and I am smitten. I’m always looking for pieces I can wear when I exercise outside that will keep me warm, but breathe— this is my new hoodie soul mate.

Shop more hoodies here.

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