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Toothbrushes Get the Tech Treatment (and Your Smile Benefits)

Toothbrush tech: Philips Diamondclean

Welcome to the era of programmable pearly whites. A new crop of companies selling toothbrush tech are making at-home dental care way more progressive. Think upgraded bristles, heads that rotate and vibrate with scientific specificity, and tracking capabilities that make sure you brush the right way for the right amount of time.

Bonus: These brushes don’t only clean your teeth more efficiently, they’re also more stylish and more durable than your drugstore variety. (Rose gold instead of ugly neon? Yes, totally unnecessary, but I still kind of love it.)

Check out the stand-outs in the category, below, for every teeth-cleaning personality.

Toothbrush tech: Quip

For the trendsetter

With a sleek and chic design, Quip has established itself as the brush that matches the minimalist aesthetic of the moment. In other words, its brush-better tech is encased in a slim (instead of bulky) neck and it comes in colors that work with neutral decor, like gray and copper. (While it’s electric, it more closely resembles an analog brush.) Basically, if you want to Instagram your toothbrush, this one’s for you.

Purchase here

Toothbrush tech: Philips Diamondclean

For the Control freak

This one knocked my socks off at CES earlier this year. Philips’ Sonicare DiamondClean is for those who take their oral hygiene really seriously and want the whitest of whites. It comes with five modes and three different intensities that deliver up to 10 times the plaque removal than a manual toothbrush. It also promises 100 percent more stain removal in just three days and has smart brush heads that automatically detect the best brushing mode for your teeth. (Woah!) My favorite part is the charging pad: A sleek water glass instead of another hardware-and-cords situation cluttering your countertop.

Purchase here

Toothbrush Tech: Goby

For the Minimalist

Like Quip, Goby is a simpler option with aesthetic cred; but it has more in common with old-school electric brushes and is a little more powerful. It has soft bristles, a rotating brush head, and one button for power and to switch between modes. The button will also light up when it’s time to change the brush head, and you can subscribe to have new ones shipped to you free of charge every one, two, or three months.

Purchase here

Toothbrush tech: Kolibree Ara

For the Tracker Junkie

Ara by Kolibree is made for the quantified-self enthusiast. Its 3D sensors sync with an app via Bluetooth, and it provides an overview of how well you brushed (including missed spots) after each brushing. It also tracks your progress over time, giving feedback on how often you brush, for how long, and how much surface area you’re covering. It’s an especially great option for kids, but the whole family will benefit, since the company’s research has shown plaque removal can be twice as efficient compared to a regular electric toothbrush.

Purchase here

Benjamin Brush: Toothbrush tech

For little smiles

Speaking of kids, meet Benjamin Brush. This colorful brush uses Sonic Vibe technology for better oral hygiene, and includes a choice of brush heads for babies, kids, and adults. Its most unique feature, however, is that it plays music and has gaming features your kids will love. They can brush to their favorite song and get points based on how well they brush.

Purchase here

Have you tried any of these high tech toothbrushes? Which ones work for you? Have they changed your smile? Share in the comments below!

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