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The Kitchen Gadget That’s Giving My Health a Reboot This Month

Juicero Fresh Pressed Juice at home

Sometimes, a little refresh is necessary… and a company that helps people sip on delicious, nutrient-packed juice pressed from fruits and veggies understands that. Just about a year after it debuted to lots of wellness-tech buzz, Juicero—often referred to as the “Keurig of cold-pressed juice” thanks to its innvoative, single-serving style—is making some changes.

The biggest? Many people balked at the initial $700 price tag (for good reason!), so they’re dropping the price to $399. Not exactly a bargain, but at that price it will make fresh pressed juice at home a lot more accessible for a lot more people (it’s currently only available in CA, NV, and AZ, with plans to roll out nationwide soon).

A quick primer

Juicero takes all the headache out of juicing at home, by sending you packs of pre-washed, pre-portioned, pre-chopped bags of ridiculously fresh fruits and vegetables (they were in the ground days mere days before they arrive at your door). You have just days to juice them in the first-of-its-kind machine, which squeezes them into a liquid breakfast in minutes. Then? You drink. No clean-up, no mess, no juicer parts to scrub. It’s genius.

In honor of the reboot, Juicero wants to help you makeover your habits, and I’m joining in. The #HealthyHabitReboot challenge is simple: pick one unhealthy habit (hi! reading this while sipping a cocktail?) and replace it with cold-pressed juice for two weeks. Then, when you share your experience on social using the hashtag, you’ll be entered to win daily prizes as well as a grand prize at the end. (Yes, of course a Juicero is part of the grand prize!).

Oh, and if you want to purchase one, click this link and use the code CK10 to get 10% OFF!

Juicero Fresh Pressed Juice at home

Juicero Fresh Pressed Juice at home

My Reboot Move

I’ve decided I need to break up with added sugar STAT, since my relationship with the sweet stuff seemed to be messing with all of the other great things I was doing for my body. The news about how tough sugar is on your health is blowing up at the moment: it’s now linked to weight gain, heart disease, and chronic inflammation—which can increase risk for numerous diseases, rob you of energy, and mess with your moods (not to mention your skin).

So, I’m cutting added sugar out of my diet and replacing it with cold-pressed juices. Yes, juice contains sugar, but it’s naturally occurring— fine by me, and doesn’t hit my body like a freight train like a cupcake can. You can also opt for the greenest blends with the least fruit, which are lower in sugar if you’re so inclined, but my favorite is Sweet Greens (pictured: Apple Spinach Kale Pineapple & Lemon).

It’s been four days and I can tell you this:

  • It’s easier to wake up in the morning— yes, too much sugar gives me hangover-like symptoms
  • I haven’t had a headache (which were a regular occurrence in recent days)
  • I swear my skin is happier— less blotchy and a bit glowier than usual


Juicero Fresh Pressed Juice at home

What do you say? Want to try a #HealthyHabitReboot with me? If so, I’ll see you on Insta—you and your pretty green juice pics. And don’t forget to use the code CK10 to get 10% off if you want to buy a Juicero for your very own.

Let me know which habit you’ll be swapping for drinking veggies in the comments, below. Come one, be honest! No judgements, here.

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