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7 facts about Juicero, the Keurig of cold-pressed juice

Juicero Cold Pressed Juice

Juicero may be the most talked-about good-for-you kitchen gadget of the year, and it’s no wonder. Created by Doug Evans, the co-founder of popular New York City juice bar chain Organic Avenue, it brought in $120 million in investments and earned the nickname the “Keurig of juice” long before it debuted at the end of March.

It allows you to make fresh, cold-pressed juice at home, without the headaches: No chopping, no washing, no waste. No beet stains on your cutting board, and no hand-washing treacherous blades. Just pop a packet of pre-portioned ingredients into the machine, push one button and you’ve got a (very) fresh juice that tastes great every time.

But the attention it’s gotten hasn’t all been healthy, thanks to the fact that taking advantage of the high-quality, cold-pressed, organic juice it produces comes with an initial $700 price tag (!!) plus the high cost of its proprietary produce packs each week.

It’s got some other quirks too, though I have to admit it’s intriguing to me in a big way. Here are the fast facts about Juicero you need to know before dedicating some of your counter space.


1. It’s small, chic, and quiet.

Unlike a traditional juicer like a Breville, it won’t take up much space or wake up a sleeping baby. All you do is insert a produce packet, press a button, and juice awaits.

2. You can forget about washing blades.

The biggest sell: you don’t have to clean it at all, since the juicing is contained to the packets, which you just throw out after each use.

3. The organic fruit-and-veggie packs are delivered to your door.

You can only use Juicero’s own produce packs with the gadget. They come in flavors like Spicy Greens and Sweet Roots, and you can customize weekly deliveries depending on your favorites.


4. And they’re super fresh.

Each pack is filled with all-organic fruits and veggies sourced from local farms (so maximum nutrients are intact) that are chopped in an “optimal” way for juicing, and the press technology is said to keep more of the fiber than a traditional juicer.

5. It may be more expensive than buying bottled juice.

Most of the packs cost $7 and only make an eight-ounce juice, so when you consider the fact that many juice bars sell organic, cold-pressed 16-ounce bottles for around $10, it may actually be more expensive to do it at home. They also come bundled in packages of five, so you can’t order less than that number per week.

6. If you’re not in Cali, you’re out of luck.

Currently it’s only available in the Golden State, but the company says it will gradually roll out nationally soon. (You can sign up on their website if you want to know the second they arrive in your area). 

7. It’s smart, too.

Juicero comes with an app that syncs to the gadget via WiFi, and it tracks which juice packets you’re using and alerts you when you need to order more. You can order and track deliveries in the app and also get information on where each ingredient is sourced from, among other features.

What do you think? Is the quality Juicero delivers worth the hefty price tag? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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