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Some Valentine’s Day gifts I wouldn’t mind getting…

Valentine's Day Gifts: Lively Lingerie

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. Is it a commercially-driven holiday, meant to coerce you into sharing Hallmark cards, candy (that I really could do without), and unnecessarily-expensive dinners with your S.O.? Totally. But there’s also something lovely about jerking yourself out of the everyday routine and making a gesture toward the one you love. Celebrating love. I can get on board with that.

When you’re married as long as I have been (it will be two decades this spring, which I can hardly believe), it’s also nice to keep yourself in check— am I living in sweatpants? Is my hair in a perma-topknot? Or am I doing my part to keep our relationship exciting? That’s not my job alone (hi, feminists) but it’s silly to think it’s not a really important part of any relationship, and that both people don’t have to work hard at it.

So this Valentine’s Day, I’m giving in to the hype and indulging. I’m going to be hinting at a few of these Valentine’s Day gifts, and purchasing a few others on my own to ensure that love sticks around for another 20.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Vitruvi

Aromatherapy to help set the mood. Vitruvi

Valentine's Day Gifts: Minted

A vehicle for a love sonnet. Minted cards

Valentine's Day Gifts: Lively Lingerie

Pretty (but a little naughty) lingerie. Lively

Valentine's Day Gifts: Withings

 A way to care for my heart (and his). Withings

Valentine's Day Gifts: Parachute Alpaca Throw

Something to get cozy under. Parachute

Valentine's Day Gifts: Outdoor Voices

Stuff to break a sweat in. Outdoor Voices

Valentine's Day Gifts: Moon Juice Sex Dust

Adaptogens that ignite and excite. Sex Dust by Moon Juice

Valentine's Day Gifts: Kosas Lipstick

A (clean beauty) lip color outside my comfort zone. Kosas

A way to relive the day we met, the day we married, and all the days since. Joy

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed.


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