Do you still use browser bookmarks?

do you still use browser bookmarks?

What happens when browser bookmarks stop being useful? How do you keep the Internet organized?



For years, I used browser bookmarks to collect sites I wanted to keep track of. Over time, the lists got longer, more overwhelming, and less helpful. Lately, I’ve found that I hardly ever go to a browser bookmark— it often doesn’t even occur to me to check there— and I seem to stumble around the web just fine, finding what I need. Also, there are so many other places I “mark” things of interest: Pictures I love are kept on Pinterest, I follow the blogs I love on Bloglovin’ or subscribe them to Feedly, and articles I want to read later get dropped into Pocket.

That said, when I’m researching an article or pitching a segment, it would be great to have a comprehensive list of the sites I’ve found great things on in the past that felt current, manageable and up-to-date. It would be great if the browser developers paid attention to this neglected part of the experience too, but with things like address auto-complete, maybe they figure people don’t need more help in returning to websites they’ve visited?

I’m toying with the idea of getting organized in a new environment, like Stache, since it seems more visual and Pinterest-like (I often forget a web address, but I never forget a logo). I also think that, like your contacts, these lists need to be weeded and edited semi-regularly in order to stay relevant. Otherwise, my new list is just bound to become bloated and unhelpful again. Sigh.

[highlight] What works for you when it comes to bookmarks? [/highlight] Do you have a system you find orderly and organized? Let’s figure it out in the comments.

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  1. I also use pinterest, feedly and pocket. It’s easy to use also on the phone.
    Stache I didn’t know till now. But I’ll take a look 😉


    1. Sandie, that’s how I do it too. It makes it so easy. I have “clippers” for Feedly and Pinterest too. And Pocket!

  2. I came to the same conclusion that regular bookmarks get left out collecting dust. I’m still in the same quest as you are. I’ve used Pocket, but I’m still not convinced that it can do the job. Haven’t heard about Stache. What would you say are the key differences between Pocket and Stache? After a quick look, they seem quite similar to me.

    1. Charles— 

      Stache is kinda like bookmarks, but more visual. I tend to need/want visual cues to remember what a blog looks like. You can make folders and organize bookmarks into categories. Just feels a bit easier to see everything.

      Pocket is great for things you want to read later, but, like everything else, gets disorganized over time unless you’re tagging everything that goes in, or don’t visit it to clean it out regularly.

  3. Evernote works great for quickly saving bookmarks and other information that you want to revisit. And, it is easy to set up the folders and get the info headed into the right folder, even before you save it.

    1. Alan— you’re totally right. I use it for so much but really don’t use it for that. Maybe I’ll give that a second thought!

  4. Tried Evernote a long time ago, but I thought it was a bit unnecessarily bloated. Maybe it has changed… What about “Keep Everything”? Seems like a valuable option too.

    1. Charles— What I like about Evernote is you really can make it as simple as you like. And kinda use it for whatever you want, however much or little. The problem most people have with it is that it’s not for one thing in particular so they sorta don’t know where to start. Have another look?

  5. Carley, I really like Evernote’s web clipper for culling together what useful information I find online. It keeps the appropriate URL in the note’s information, and I can search all the words in that content for which saved clippings would fit my current need. Plus, I can intertwine those clippings with what other information I’ve saved in my Evernote database for a more powerful reference area. I do agree 100% with what you said about editing the contents semi-regularly; if one doesn’t regularly weed out what’s no longer accurate, applicable, useful or bringing them joy, the database can quickly get out of hand. Best of luck finding what system works best for you!

  6. I bookmark pages but I very rarely go back to them, which seems like a waste… I also use Pocket and Feedly and have started learning how to use Evernote to my advantage. The biggest issue I have found with all of these methods is feeling good because I saved the website but not really ever getting back to what I saved. It feels like electronic hoarding 😉

    1. Melida— I agree. Waste of time if you’re not using them.

      I love the term, “Electronic Hoarding” too, but I’d look at it another way: Most of what I put into Evernote goes into cold storage. I almost never retrieve it. But if my brain trusts that everything important is in there, I ALWAYS go to it when I’m looking for something and I ALWAYS find it. That’s valuable just in and of itself, because you know you can trust that it’s there. I might look at 90% of the stuff I put in Evernote as “e-Hoarding” (I tweaked it!) but I can also look at it as a bottomless filing cabinet where nothing is ever lost. What do you think?

  7. Hey Carley I heard about an app called HIFI that is similar to Pinterest, but has a more social pulse. The network uses followable topics you create and organize in bigger lifestyle channels. I’ve been sharing/saving websites and articles I want to comeback to there. Plus other users can follow the topic and add more related content, which ends up expanding into mini-communities. Has a focused organized tone more for an “enthusias.” I like it so far.

  8. Neat! I just cleaned out my bookmarks last week. I found lots of the pages or content that I had saved doesn’t even exist anymore, and its funny but even though I hadn’t checked my bookmarks in years I still find myself feeling disappointed I will never again read the content that I enjoyed so much in the first place enough to bookmark it. Silly and sentimental I guess. 😉 I absolutely agree with Melinda’s term of ‘electronic hoarding’. It felt so good to purge!

    The only bookmarking tools I use on the regular are bloglovin and pinterest so you’ve inspired me to research the rest! Fun!

  9. I use browser bookmarks has a way station until I can import to Feedly. It helps me take thing off platforms like Instagram and see their full content daily in my RSS feed.

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