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The no-drama way to unfollow Facebook friends

facebook unfollow

Scrolling through your Facebook feed right now likely feels a little bit like navigating a political minefield—and do you really need to be stressed out by the crazy opinions of people you haven’t seen since high school? (Obvi you want to be exposed to different opinions, but there’s a difference between constructive conversation and constant unhinged social media rants, right?)

Or maybe you love engaging in election season commentary but are sick of seeing non-stop photos of your awful ex’s perfect twin babies in adorable matching outfits. To some that could be equally infuriating.

Either way, there’s a simple step you can take to pare down the posts you see every time you sign on—without causing unnecessary drama via the “unfriend” button—and you may not have heard about it. Instead of totally disconnecting from a friend, you can “unfollow” them.

The difference between and “unfriend” and an “unfollow”?: When you unfriend someone, they don’t get a notification (phew!), but if they notice they’re not seeing your posts or ever go to your page, they’ll see that you’re no longer friends, and therefore that you’ve chosen to cut them loose. If you “unfollow” them, however, you’ll still show up as friends and they’ll have no way of knowing you’re not seeing those daily political rants they love to share.

Here’s how to unfollow:

how to unfollow friends on facebook

  1. Go to the friend’s profile page.
  2. On the bottom right-hand corner of the cover photo, find the box that says “Following.”
  3. Hover over the box and a menu of three options will appear: See First, Default, or Unfollow.
  4. Click “Unfollow” and that person’s posts will no longer show up in your news feed.

It’s that easy, and the friend won’t know you’ve chosen to unfollow them. And you can go back to stressing about the many IRL things that are way more important.

Has using the “unfollow” feature improved your Facebook experience? Share with me in the comments!

Photo borrowed from here.

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