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A Guide to Snapchat Filters: From Flower Crown to Face Swap

Snapchat filters

Snapchat Filters are silly, meaningless…and sooo much fun. I mean, can you think of a celeb or friend of yours who hasn’t yet posted a screenshot of their dog face (often with actual dog in the shot, of course)?

But let’s face it: Snapchat is much easier for 13-year-olds to figure out it than it is for, well, us.

Here’s a super simple guide to using Snapchat filters, for when you just need a good laugh in between all of those long meetings.


Snapchat filters

Photo Snapchat Filters vs. Selfie Snapchat Filters

First, a clarification. Snapchat offers “regular” filters that don’t interact with your face in a high-tech way. To use those, you simply snap a photo or video and then swipe left, where you’ll find things like location-based stickers, the time, or temperature. Selfie filters are different, and way more entertaining.

Snapchat Filters: Selfie Filters

How to Use Selfie Snapchat Filters

  1. Flip the camera into selfie mode.
  1. Tap your face on the screen. Hold your finger there until a grid of white lines pops up over your face. That means it’s recognized your face, and you’ll see little circles pop up next to the camera button on the bottom of the screen.
  1. Swipe left to choose your filter. As you swipe, new filters will appear, from the simple OMG-I-look-amazing colored filter (that’s what I call it) to weird face distortions to the popular flower crown, dog face, and face swap. New ones are added and taken down regularly.
  1. Snap a photo or video. Just like any Snap, you can choose between still photo and video, but some of the selfie filters have elements that are best on video, like sound and animation effects. Those that include animation often come with an instructional tip on how to activate it, like “raise your eyebrows” or “stick out your tongue.”

That’s it! Send to your friends or add them to your story, and everyone will assume you’re as Snap-savvy as your teenage daughter.

Do you use Snapchat selfie filters? Which are your favorites? Share with me in the comments!


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