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3 apps to follow (and make sense of) the election

election apps

It may feel like the election is already completely taking over your life, and you may kind of want to hide under a rock until November 8.

But if you’re a politics or news junkie who wants to stay up-to-date on every twist and turn (and there are many this time around), there are apps that can help you do that without going totally insane.

Don’t forget that in between checking the polls obsessively, you can tap meditation apps and devices for stress relief.

And if you are feeling overwhelmed, this may also be a great time to try an app that reads everything for you and delivers only the news you need to know in a bite-sized form that’s easy to digest.

But to tune in Hillary and Donald’s every move, download these:

election apps: CNN Politics

for exhaustive news coverage

The New York Times and Washington Post both have easy-to-navigate apps with reliable coverage, but you can’t access them beyond a few stories without paying and you’ll also have to filter out all of the other news. If you’re looking for a freebie and something that’s totally focused on the battle for the Oval Office, the CNN Politics app is the way to go. It’s laid out well and is all politics, all the time.

election apps: Politifact

for fact checking

This may be the most useful app of all, given the—ahem—level of disregard for truth that some candidates have been demonstrating (and almost all politicians demonstrate at some point). The Politifact app provides a steady stream of fact checking, rating statements made by the candidates on a fun scale of “True” to “Pants on Fire!” on its Truth-O-Meter. And all of the fact-checking is done by independent, experienced journalists and editors.

election apps: Polltracker

for polls

If it’s all about the numbers for you, there are apps that exist just to track who’s winning, where they’re winning, and when they’re winning. Polltracker was created by the respected website Talking Points Memo, and it’s considered one of the most reliable sources of election poll data out there. Thankfully, they turned it into a mobile app so you can check the percentages quickly on the go.

How are you using technology to get you through election season? Share with me in the comments, below!

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