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Vacationing with kids? Pack these tech solutions.

Vacationing with kids can mean a lot of devices, a lot of cables, and a lot of arguing over all that tech. Here are some clever solutions that can help turn your little road warriors into peaceful travelers.

Traveling with kids is tough. And traveling with tech brings its own challenges. Put them together, and you need all the help you can get, making sure no one (or no thing) gets lost or cranky.

Watch this episode of DigiKnow, my new digital series, where I tackle traveling with kids and gadgets, then check out the products featured below:

Tech on Vacation with Kids


Down to the wire

If you’re always untangling wads of cords, or refereeing spats over who “took” the iPad cable, the Cordito cable organizer from This is Ground can make your travels much smoother. Like a jewelry keeper, it neatly wraps several cords and their chargers, then rolls up and snaps shut. And it comes in five shades, so each family member can recognize their own.

iPad Headrest Mount

Head space

When one kid is using the tablet, is the other grappling for it? You can fix that fast with a handy headrest mount that holds the device and attaches it to the back of a headrest. That way, everyone can see it, and no one can bogart it.


Picture perfect

Is one person always missing from your photos—the one taking them? Muku Shuttr is the selfie-stopper: it uses Bluetooth to remotely take a cell phone photo so you can set up the shot, step away, and everyone can get into the frame.

Get a closer look at all these solutions in a short video on ulive, here!

And happy trails to you.

What’s your must-pack travel item? Let me know in the comments!

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