Skincare technology worth buying (and guy grooming too).

Beauty Tech

Beauty is only skin-deep, so it really shouldn’t take that much time and effort, right? Would that it were.  I’m employing some serious skincare technology to help me face the winter season.

I wish I had hours to sit and primp, but some days, I feel lucky if I can cut out five minutes to use the blow dryer. So I’ve uncovered some at-home beauty devices that promise spa-like results (without the time or cash commitment). And while I know some of those things sound too good to be true, I’ve tested a bunch and found three worth the investment: one for deep cleansing and fading fine lines, one to prevent breakouts, and one to make my skin look lifted (a Christmas miracle!). You can see them all on my uLive series, Digiknow, here.

Beauty Tech— uLive

Your man needs a little cleaning up too. And because we know most guys aren’t thinking about holiday beautification, I’ve got them covered with gadgets that will help them get cocktail-party-ready in half the time. Watch that video, here.

Groom your guy— uLive

Here’s to a good-looking rest of the year!

Got a beauty device you can’t live without? Tell me about it in the comments!

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