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Thanksgivukkah: 8 kitchen gadgets for the holiday mashup

Bottle Opener Thanksgivukkah

On the fourth Thursday of November this year falls the calendar phenomenon of Thanksgivukkah— when Thanksgiving Day and the first day of Hanukkah occur on the same day. The double holiday won’t be seen again until the year 79811, and since we’re likely not to be around for that one, this is the year to do the holidays up big. I’m expecting a week of non-stop visitors and Instagrammed dinners, so I’ve got to up my game in the kitchen. Make it through the eight nights of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah festivities with these eight necessities.

image: Bon Appetit


iGrill, ($79.95)

Cooking perfectly tender meat (whether it be brisket or bird) is no easy feat.  Insert the iGrill into the protein in question, and monitor its temperature via Bluetooth connection to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  Then only open the oven once— when the turkey is perfectly cooked.


Dwell Studio Menorah
Dwell Studio Modern Menorah, ($72)

With its blend of elegance and modern design, Dwell Studio can do no wrong. Made of Sheesham Wood and Brass, this nine candle menorah says “on trend” as well as “pass the lattkes”.


Egg Muffing Toaster

West Bend Egg and Muffin Toaster, $59

When there’s a week full of guests to accommodate, the otherwise-silly concept of an egg cooker/toaster combo becomes genius. It leaves more time for socializing, and let’s face it, sleeping in.


Donut MakerSunbeam Donut Maker, ($28.99)

True Hanukkah Sufganiyot are fried donuts filled with jelly, but if you’re looking for a less-greasy, less jammy option, try making some baked donuts in this at-home gadget.  Warning: Prepare for frequent winter weekend use.


Butterball Turkey Fryer

Butterball Turkey Fryer, ($168)

Introduce your turkey to the joys of a deep fryer and never look back. Prepare for the juiciest, most flavorful bird to ever grace the Thanksgiving table with a fryer, and with considerably less cooking time (and less mess).

Digital Measuring Cup

Taylor Digital Measuring Cup, ($24.99)

When it comes to baking a perfectly light pumpkin pie, precise measurements are key. I’ve learned the hard, unflavorful way that eyeballing a scoopful of flour doesn’t always cut it. For accurate ingredients measuring, a digital measurement cup is a baker’s best friend.  It lets you measure by weight, which is more accurate than volume, making it a more accurate version of it’s non-digital predecessor for both wet or dry ingredients.


Hamilton Beach Electric Knife, ($30.78)

Carving a holiday bird is a painstaking art form you don’t have time for when a dozen hungry faces are waiting. The two serrated stainless steel blades cut thin, even servings that rival the knife skills of any Top Chef.

Verseur Wine Opener
Verseur 4-in-1 Wine Maker, ($24.99)

Many a wine bottle will be uncorked at my house during the holidays, and finding the perfect wine opener has become something of a hobby. The Verseur from Quirky has foil cutter, corkscrew, pour spout, and rubber stopper. Now how did I get through so many Cabs without this?


Jonathan Adler Dreidel
Jonathan Adler Lucite Dreidel, ($28)

It’s about as low tech as it gets, but Oy, it’s chic. Of course, when a design guru like Jonathan Adler tackles the dreidel it gets a lucite treatment and pop of color. This certainly isn’t childsplay.

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