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Do You Sous Vide?

anova sous vide

You might not think your smartphone is down for cooking you a steak, but this smart kitchen gadget begs to differ. Behold the Sous Vide immersion circulator— the next kitchen must have.

It’s one of the gadgets that blew me away at the International Housewares Show I attended back in March, and I couldn’t wait to get it home and test it out.

What’s Sous Vide, you ask? It’s a technique that chefs agree cooks your food more evenly than any other method, and in spite of it’s fancy name, it couldn’t be easier. Seal your dinner— proteins or veggies or whatever you’re feeling— in an airtight plastic bag, clip it to the side of a pot filled with water. Then clip an immersion circulator like this Anova Precision Cooker to the side of the pot, dial up a recipe, and this sous-vide sous chef will heat and circulate the water around your food until it’s perfectly cooked, at which time it will— DING!— send you a smartphone notification.

When testing it, I quickly realized that sous vide cooking isn’t a start-to-finish thing— your proteins lack that crusty sear and caramel color that we associate with yum. But a quick sear on top gives your dinner a great look, and when you slice it, it speaks for itself— my steak was perfectly cooked through— not more well done on the top and bottom, and veggies were moist and flavorful and kept their color beautifully.

Sous vide means “under vacuum” in french— and all the fancy chefs have been using it for years (you rank among them now). All the recipes you need to cook restaurant-quality food every time you step in the kitchen are in the Anova companion app. Every time. Well done, smartphone, well done.

Anova Sous Vide

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