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3 Ways to Make (Next!) Tax Time Easier

Tax Time

It used to be that every year when tax time rolled around, my brain and my kitchen table were both overwhelmed. Where did I put that W-9? Who moved that pile of receipts? Did the dog eat my pay stubs? Well, it’s happened again. But before May is out, I’m committed to kickstarting my new tax year resolutions, thanks to a few tricks I’ve figured out. If forms and figures are making your head spin too, I recommend:

Tax Pocket. My accountant suggested this free app, which lets me snap pictures of all my receipts and send them to her as soon as I receive them (the IRS has accepted digital receipts since 1997. Who knew?). No more adding them up at the end of the year—or discovering, come tax time, that they’ve faded to mysterious blankness.

Planet Receipt. If the thought of photographing receipts is still too much, you can sign up for this “green” program that sends receipts straight to the cloud. Just make your purchases using credit cards you’ve registered with Planet Receipt, and they’ll be automatically uploaded to the system, no wallet-stuffing paper necessary.

ScanSnap S1100. Prefer to keep sensitive documents on your own computer? This scanner can go to the pile instead of the pile coming to you. Love it.

You know what Ben Franklin said about death and taxes being the only two certainties in life? Well, these can’t make tax time fun, but they can make them a little less like death. And that’s a positive thing, right?

Got tax time coping ideas? Share them in the comments!

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