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Reader Questions: What’s the Best Way to Clean My Phone?

phone cleaner
“Carley, I saw you talk about cleaning your tech on an old Digitwirl video. What phone cleaner products do you like now, to clean my smartphone and other devices? My phone is always gross, and my kids phones and video game controllers are even more disgusting.”  — Janessa D.

Okay, be honest: When was the last time you really cleaned your phone? (And no, wiping it on your jeans doesn’t count.) If you’re thinking a quick screen polish every now and then is enough, just think of all the things you touch in a day… and then how often you directly touch your phone right after… and how often you then put your phone up to your face…

YEECH if you really think about it, you’ll realize just how gross the whole thing is.

I know for me, even if I try to keep my phone pristine (that’s obsessively washing my hands, not taking it to the bathroom, AHEM), it’s still covered in face oil or BB cream all the time, which makes it look like a toddler fingerpainted snot on it. I try to hide it so people don’t see and think I’m grimey.

All this is why it’s super important to carry a phone cleaner at all times, and give it a proper wipe down at least once a week (mine is cleaned on the daily) with products that don’t just get your screen shiny, but blast bacteria, too. Here are a few products to help with your spring screen cleaning.

Spruce & Co.’s screen wipes are great because they’re made of natural, vegan ingredients, but also effectively get rid of germs. Plus, they come in single-use packets, which are perfect to stash at your desk, and have a monthly subscription option so you never run out. Also recently obsessed with their hand sanitizers. It’s a one-two punch when I travel, and for everyday in my purse.

Not into wipes? I also love AM Get Clean spray, which comes in a cool bottle with microfiber sides that you can actually use to wipe your screen (no cloth required). I typically don’t spray cleaner on my tech directly, but it’s totally cool for a laptop (keep the spray away from ports) or a waterproof phone.

Quick DIY: I often make a cleanser spray solution with 50 percent water and 50 percent rubbing alcohol. Mix it in a small spray bottle and keep it – and a screen-safe cloth – in your bag for use on the go.

Gadgets that clean gadgets: If you want to clean your phone daily without even thinking about it, try a UV sanitizing chamber like this one by PhoneSoap, which kills germs with UV light while it charges your phone.

A friendly reminder: Before you start busting that bacteria, DO NOT use glass cleaners or hand sanitizers on your clean your smartphone. The chemicals in them can deteriorate its protective coating.

Now, go get your screen cleaning on!

Do you use any other smartphone screen cleaning hacks? Tell me which ones you love in the comments below.

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