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Doctor in your pocket: Cue

Cue: A doctor in your pocket

So there’s wearable tech like Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit to quantify how fit you are (or, er, aren’t). But wouldn’t it be great if a device could also give you a read on the kind of stuff that keeps you awake and Googling late at night… say, your hormone levels, or even when you’re most fertile?

Welcome Cue, the latest leap forward in the “quantified self” movement. Available now for pre-order, it’s a 3″ x 3″ cube that could’ve come out of any Tom Cruise sci-fi flick. It includes five disposable cartridges that can do on-the-spot lab-style tests for key health markers: vitamin D levels, inflammation, fertility (based on luteinizing hormone), testosterone levels and flu (whether you have it or not…even right after you’ve caught it). You’ll need a saliva, blood or mucous sample depending on the test; just swab yourself with Cue’s sample wand, and plug the sample into the device. Results will pop up on your smartphone, along with recommended foods or activities to improve your numbers (or a suggestion to call a doc if it’s flu). So if the app shows inflammation, Cue might give you a recipe for green juice packed with anti-inflammatory veggies. Cue even syncs with your favorite wearable, so it can pair your existing sleep and activity data with its findings, and give you more health recommendations.

In a word, whoa. I might be moved to use it when I’m feeling low and just don’t know why (maybe I’ve got low vitamin D). Or if my kid is sniffling, and I’d love to know what’s going on without stepping into a germy doctor’s office. Actually, any way to avoid cold bugs makes me wanna cue the fanfare. (Ahem.)

What do you wish you could test for at home? Let me know in the comments!

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