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Would You Pay $4K for a Connected Treadmill?

Peloton Tread

New year, new commitment to the treadmill collecting dust in your basement, right? But why—oh why—does it feel like such a chore to actually get on it and log a few miles? According to Peloton, the fitness brand behind the hot connected workout bike, a lot has to do with the isolation of pounding the pavement alone and indoors. That’s why they just introduced an Internet-connected version of the treadmill called the Peloton Tread…and it retails for $4K.

My question: Is it worth it?  Is a More Connected Treadmill the Secret to Actually Using It?

This is me, trying the Peloton Treat at CES:

For the hefty price tag, this is what you get: A state-of-the-art treadmill that comes complete with a 32-inch HD touchscreen that streams live daily classes—up to 10 per day with a whopping 10,000 on demand. The classes (which are led by real instructors) also focus on more than just running. Guided hiking and walking workouts are all included, so there really is something for everyone who’s putting a priority on getting in shape. There’s even a sound bar so your workout is totally audio immersive, which helps you feel like you’re smack in the middle of a boutique fitness studio instead of in your guest room.

Your monthly membership of $39 gets you unlimited access to Peloton live classes, so you’ll need to spend more each month on top of the $4K to really get the full Peloton experience.

Sigh. $4K is basically the equivalent of about four years of a monthly membership to the gym. Ouch. Not to mention, there are a slew of new apps—Studio, for example, which costs $99 a year—that stream live workouts for a lot less and pair easily with the treadmill you already own. Even Peloton knows their products aren’t for everyone’s wallet— their iOS app let’s you workout with Peloton trainers on any indoor cycling bike you might have at home, and it’s just $12.99/month.

With both the Peloton bike and the upcoming treadmill, the draw is getting the total package: a beautifully made piece of exercise equipment (I can’t stress that enough— it will not be an eyesore like most are)—that brings the excitement (and accountability) of attending a boutique class to your home. If you have a baby at home and can’t get away? Run while they nap. If you don’t have a cool boutique class in your area? Live stream one to your home gym and feel like your’e there. It also is a major motivator for anyone who prefers at-home fitness to trudging out in the rain/snow/traffic, but wants an incentive to stay committed when the glamour begins and ends at the basement door.

So, you tell me: Would you invest?

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