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Tweet Beat

Tweet Beat

Are you following my twitter feed @carleyknobloch? I’ll keep you in the know about things with plugs and screens.  Here’s what you’ve been missing:

What’s wrong with paying for someone else’s parking spot? Get the answer here.

Wish you had more time to read the news? This app can help.

I bet there’s hidden space in your home—and here’s how to find it.

Born to run? No need for a separate fitness tracker if you have this app.

If you’ve got lists, here’s an easy way to optimize ’em.

No need to spend on a charging station…if you DIY. See how here.

Did’ja ever make a mix tape? Consider this collage app the updated version.

This is the summer song I’ve got on repeat.

Found something great on Twitter? Tip me off—with your handle—in the comments, and I might include a shout-out to you in my next Tweet Beat!

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