Tech Trend: Nautical

tech trend: nautical

Let the spirit of the high seas possess your possessions. Magellan would totally dig it.

Tech Trend— Nautical

1. Columbia What Knot To Do In the Greater Outdoors App, (FREE). 2. Driftwood iDevice charger, ($72).  3. Pentax Q10 in Cherry/White, ($499). 4. Pottery Barn Rope Knot Table Lamp, ($150). 5. Kiel Mead Forget-Me-Knot Ring, ($54). 6. Rebecca Taylor Pullover, ($118). 7. Jonathan Adler Anchor iPad Case, ($158). 8. Lobster flash drive, ($3). 9. Lostine Cutting Board, ($198). 10. Thomas Paul Reversible Sea Life Pillow, ($80).

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