Giveaway: Cord Clutter-busting Plug Hub

cord clutter
My tech closet is bulging at the seams, and everything— I mean everything— must go. Starting with this cool solution for cord clutter.

Seriously, I’ve got to clean house or my collection of devices and gizmos will overtake my garage and start making a play to come indoors and consume us all. Most of what’s in there has never been used, or been tested briefly for a week, and then re-boxed and shelved, I’m passing all these perfectly cool tech goodies along to you guys all summer.

We’re starting this giveaway series with a cord tidier called Plug Hub from Quirky. I have adored this contraption for years, and use it in my office to kick cord clutter to the curb.

cord clutter

I’ve tested a lot of cable management systems, and here’s what I love about this one:— You can put it on the floor or mount it horizontally to the underside of your desk if you really want it out of the way.

— It doesn’t bury your power strip in a box, which can get hot.
— The cord wraps let you twist cords neatly inside, instead of just shoving them into a giant knot.
— The wide top lets cables funnel in from everywhere, so you don’t have to force them to fit.

Want to win a Plug Hub? We’re giving away three on the blog this week. To enter, [highlight] use the widget below to follow me on Twitter [/highlight]. Bonus points for following me on Facebook, Instagram, or subscribing to my newsletter.

Good luck!

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2 comments on “Giveaway: Cord Clutter-busting Plug Hub”

  1. we just remodeled our library room and untangling all the cords was awful…we called in my teenage son to sit on the floor and disconnect and reconnect the mess! (:
    The Plug Hub would be well appreciated in this home!
    Thanks for a great give away.

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