Things I’m Loving

Things I'm Loving

Bon weekend, everyone! Hope your weekend is relaxing— I’m light on plans and that’s just how I want it. If you need me, I’ll be in my backyard, doing some leisure reading… and snacking.

Leaving you with a few things that have been piling up in my “that’s very cool” folder. Hope you enjoy!

Things I'm loving: goop charger sack

Charger Bag by Parker Thatch X Goop

You could park all your chargers in a plastic bag when you travel, but they’ll be less incentivized to jump back in for the ride home. Instead, wrangle them in this leather drawstring bag with brass details… you may never lose a charger again.

Things I'm loving: Ringly Aries Bracelet

Ringly Aries Bracelet

Ringly took all the smarts in their genius ring and gave us more ways to wear it: The Aries collection gives you all the same notifications— it will buzz and flash to alert you of emails, texts, and more— but set in a beautiful gold bracelet with semi-precious stones and crystal or stud details.


Things I'm loving: reset plug

The ResetPlug

When your router or modem go out, you’ve gotta stop what you’re doing, take a walk, unplug it and plug it back in, right? Annoying. This smart plug will do it for you: Plug your router or modem into the ResetPlug, and will constantly check your Internet connection. If it fails, this magical plug will cycle the power for you, until you’re online once again.


Things I'm Loving: Starry Wifi

Starry Wifi

When your router goes out, it gives you little clue as to what’s up. All those blinking lights are frustrating— speak English, buddy. Starry features a touchscreen— and an app— that give you an insider view into the health of your network, shows you your speed in real time, and tells you exactly what’s gone wrong when troubles arise. It’s super-fast, so browsing, streaming, video chatting… it’s all good.

Things I'm loving: QardioBase QardioBase

There are many smart scales on the market, and more than a few have made their way into my bathroom. Sure, they all can share your weight and bodyfat, but the QardioBase Smart Scale measures more— your BMI, muscle, water and bone composition, to be exact. It syncs with the Qardio app to help you track your fitness goals. Favorite feature: You can opt not to see your weight on the scale, but rather see a smiley or frowny face… a subtle update on your fitness goals. Look at the app later to get a reality check.

Hope you love these. Let me know in the comments. See you Monday!

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