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Remember printed photos?

Sharing Digital Photos

If your smartphone photos are trapped inside your phone, never being shared beyond social networks, you’re missing out. Those memories could get a lot more, ahem, exposure if you actually printed them out. Here are three next-level ways to print smartphone photos and bring them into the physical realm.

Do you occasionally look wistfully at the photos in your phone or on your screen, and think of how nice they’d look if they were printed? You can make it happen with some clever products. Watch this episode of DigiKnow on ulive here— then check out the featured products below.

uLive Smartphone photos

Artifact Uprising

Book it.

The Artifact Uprising app is one of the easiest ways to turn phone photos into photo books, boxes and calendars, and the results look great. Let the app grab photos from your Instagram feed or camera roll, and build a book in minutes (no need to choose backgrounds, layouts or other fussy details that don’t end up looking all that classy, anyway).

Instax Share

Shake it.

If ordering prints and waiting for them to arrive sounds like way too much time to you, check out Instax SHARE. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled mini printer that instantly prints pictures from your phone—and when they come out, you can shake to develop them, Polaroid style. They make great party favors or mementos from that family weekend (the printer even fits in a purse).


Slide it.

Projecteo’s Instagram projector is downright cute. Pick nine photos from your Instagram, and Projecteo will send you a mini slideshow wheel with your images and a tiny projector to show them off…because just swiping through your camera roll doesn’t have the same “Whoa!” factor.

See a little video with all these ideas in action, on ulive here!

That’s picture perfect.

How do you like to share your photos? Give me a snapshot of your ideas, in the comments!

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