I’m in some magazines…

Magazines: Redbook & Good Housekeeping

Being in a magazines is kind of like having a baby. You wait and wait and wait and then one day you walk by a newsstand and BAM, there’s the issue you contributed to all those months ago. Okay, so it’s not like having a baby at all. But it sure is fun to see your name in print, and I’m especially honored this summer to be in a stack of publications I love so much, and read all the time.

Here’s a few places I’ve popped up:

Magazines: Redbook & Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping: July 2016

In an article about traveling with kids, I suggested four apps that will keep your little ones from uttering that grating phrase, “are we there yet?” These are apps you can feel great about putting your kids in front of, too— no games, just travel-friendly fun. My picks:

Daily Vroom, an app that gives you real-life activity and discovery prompts for kids 0-8;

Postagram, a cute way to send paper postcards to folks back home;

Pocket, a personalized newspaper where you can collect articles your kids can read on a trip; and

Pacemaker, a beat-making app that channels your kid’s inner-Diplo.


Magazines: Redbook & Good Housekeeping

Redbook: July 2016

I’m in a corner of this issue’s Summer Fun spread, talking about how to turn your phone into a nature guide. My picks for apps that will get your kids out into nature?

AllTrails, an app that will give you maps to trails large and small;

Like That Garden, a plant and flower identifier;

MyNature Animal Tracks, so you know what creature has been there before you;

Yonder, a location-and-tip-sharing app for other outdoor enthusiasts; and

Merlin Bird ID, an app that can help you easily identify over 400 species of birds.

And if that weren’t enough!

Magazines: Redbook and Good Housekeeping

California Home & Design: Summer Issue

I’m on a tech-talk page, pointing out cutting edge technology that helps you get a better night’s sleep.

Awair, which measures your air quality and gives you suggestions on how to improve it;

SleepNumber IQ bed, a bed that tells you how you’re sleeping, and how to improve;

Sheex, performance sheets to help you wake up refreshed (and not sweaty);

Dyson Humidifier, which projects hygenic mist and hydrated air into the room, improving your slumber; and,

Misfit Beddit, a sleep tracker that monitors your shut eye— no wearable sensor required.

magazines: redbook and good housekeeping

Magazines: Redbook & Good Housekeeping


If you own a GMC you might have spotted me in GMC’s magazine chatting about the tech features in their new Acadia, and if you are a home builder, you may have spied me in Home & Builder Magazine talking about technology for a sustainable home.

Hope you’re relaxing by the pool reading magazines like me!

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