A Fall Giveaway plus Scary Tech Nightmares

ray remote: Father's Day Tech

Don’t tech problems always have that horror movie feel to them?

  • You jump with fright as a hard drive screeches and wipes out all your data.
  • Your phone dies, and there’s not a charger in sight, leaving you unable to call for help (or to attend that really important conference call).
  • A wave of panic washes over you as you search for a file that has inexplicably vanished.
  • You smash your phone and realize with dread that you hadn’t backed it up in months.
  • Your phone catches fire and burns a hole in your handbag (OK that one is really scary).

Tech nightmares are the worst— we feel helpless, frightened, and there’s no one to talk to but a machine who seems to be working against you. I always think about these things around Halloween-time-of-year— my own personal tech nightmare stories haunt me to this day. These days, I am pretty good about backing up my data, photos and contacts… but I got that way after losing them all once (OK maybe more than once, but not for years now). I’ve developed systems that work for me, but I’m not immune to a glitch here or there that derails my day. 

In other words, I’ve gotten better about NOT entering the old abandoned house at midnight, but that doesn’t mean that the ghouls don’t pay a visit every now and then.

So what are YOUR tech nightmare stories? Put a flashlight up to your face and tell me, because we’re giving away one of my favorite new products, the Ray Super Remote, to a lucky winner who shares their story!

ray remote: Father's Day Tech

The Ray remote is a universal remote I’ve been using for months. It’s the easiest to set up and has the coolest features of any I’ve tried, offering recommendations of what to watch and alarms you can set so you don’t miss any of your favorite programs. It works with 100s of devices, and will even adjust the temperature on your Nest thermostat!

Leave me a comment, here on the blog OR on Facebook, telling me what your scariest tech story is, and you could win. Contest ends Friday, November 4th, at 11:59p PST.

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Good luck! Here’s hoping your technology is all treats and no tricks!

The winner is… Lynn Figone! Congrats Lynn!



27 comments on “A Fall Giveaway plus Scary Tech Nightmares”

  1. It was on a day like this, several years ago. I heard a strange knocking in the basement. I ran down to the furnace room from whence the sound came. Knock. Knock. Rattle-Rattle. It was my water heater! It was dying! I quickly drained the furnace. My hope was that it was simply full of sediment. I filled several 5 gallon buckets with thick sludge. During this inopportune moment, my phone buzzed. I had to check it! What if someone favorited a tweet! Was it an Instagram like?! With wet hands, I tried to gingerly pull my $700 phone out of my back pocket. My delicate grasp failed me, and my phone did a triple-gainer with a full McTwist into one of the buckets. After several attempts at resuscitation, I pronounced my phone el muerrte. Adding insult to injury, my water heater was also in need of immediate burial. I learned a valuable lesson that day. NEVER….EVER….go into the basement when you hear Knock. Knock. Rattle-Rattle.

  2. I had a PC laptop that would always get really hot when I was working on it. I left it plugged in overnight with the bottom side up so it would cool off. In the morning, there was a big hole in the bottom. It had MELTED!!!

  3. Oh how awesome that would be! I don’t have many but once in high school I left my OLD HP laptop on my Nana’s white sofa.. when I got back to it, it had burned a whole through the couch. SO thankful it didn’t actually catch on fire though, lol!

  4. I had my son in law and daughter help me with my computer and they always seem to run in a snag and then we forever have to change passwords. They wonder why I have a book of all my passwords because most every time we need help something goes wrong and we get locked out of my account.

  5. I was at my Gramma’s house, clipping her toe nails. (She was 102 at the time). I had her feet soaking in a pan of water. I bent over to dry off the first foot and my phone fell out of my shirt pocket into the water. I grabbed it as fast as I could and dried it off. It was dead. A couple hours later, when I got home, I opened it up and put it in a bag of rice and left it over night. The next morning I put it back together and it worked!!

  6. Too many tech nightmares in my life: Most recent…keeping friend’s kids and they have a pool. ALWAYS put my phone on the table by the pool EXCEPT once–> Went to check on the creepy crawly thing that cleans the pool and leaned over to look and it sprayed me…I jumped. Immediately turned to look to see my phone on table…NOPE…I will always have that ‘picture’ of my pink otterbox on the bottom of the pool. Took watch off and jumped in. 🙁 Phone is currently dead. Had not done a backup and dropbox had stopped uploading. ugh! Lost last vacation pics 🙁

  7. I dropped my iPhone several times (it was cracked, the battery ran out quickly and it would heat up really bad). One day after a long day of work I fell asleep, left the phone charging overnight and by morning it was dead and it left a burnt mark on my nightstand. I feel lucky my home didn’t burn down.

  8. My scariest tech toy was my iphone. One time I was charging it during the night and it started smelling like something was burning! Apparently my charger had gone bad.

  9. I woke up one morning to the smell of grape soda or grape candy. I figured it was my little one who had been in my bed on my side with his father while i was at work late one night. I was so sleepy the night before I came home that I turned on no lights or anything. I thought i had stepped on something. I got into bed with all my clothes on. Turns out the grape smell was not from food. It was from my husbands cellphone. I had stepped on it with stiletto heels and punctured it. It was bubbling and fuming gases all night.

  10. Well my scary moment was when I had visitors and when I woke up the morning after someone cracked my ipad screen. I was in shock lol hoping it wasn’t broke at least. Nice spider cracks but it did work. I am still using it with a cracked screen lol p.s. Nobody fessed up to me that they broke it!! They had to of put something heavy on it and maybe didn’t know but I have a feeling they knew!

  11. Hmmm….probably the time that I spilled an entire cup of coffee on the most expensive laptop I had ever bought at that time…and, of course, I declined the extra coverage program when I bought it! I was mortified…but made it through and, well, got a new laptop because that one never recovered! 😉

  12. I dropped my phone one too many times. The last time I dropped it, it never turned back on and lost every single picture I had taken : ( The only bright side was that I did learn to backup my work.

  13. I washed my activity tracker a few times, I found it in the wash and all was well since it was for water sports too…. I felt relieved and happy with my choice but this last time it went into the dryer and of course…. it broke 🙁

  14. I dropped my phone in a bucket of MOP water and saved it only to run over it in driveway after it fell out of my pocket getting in car.

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  18. Yo3!o82u0;are…my…her#&!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

  19. Alicia November 29, 2012 “I given her so many clues that it bugs me, but does it sink in?” See, this is why you should just f-cking tell her. If you want something done, you can’t just expect her to read clues. Direct and to the point is the best route. Don’t even worry about hurting her feelings at this point, since she’s already been so inconsiderate.

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