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Friday Links: Digital Photo Edition

Digital Photo Link Roundup

My son was born a couple years before digital cameras became the norm, so we have a few binders full of negatives that hold his baby pictures.

It’s like a weird time capsule to flip through them— they seem more permanent, and yet less so, than any of the photos that came after. They’re simultaneously more tangible and less accessible than their modern-day counterparts. Frankly, the whole thing is just baffling; digital photography has really only been a thing  for less than a decade, yet it’s tough to imagine life before it.

The memories we keep look nothing like they used to. In a very short time, digital photography has revolutionized how we take, keep, and enjoy pictures. This explains why so many of us struggle to manage our growing photo collections. Even the most skilled among us doesn’t have much experience organizing, enjoying, and safely protecting our memories. This week, I’ve rounded up a few invaluable links, with answers to questions I get all the time about how to make all this happen with less stress, and more fun. Because, geez, it’s time for photos to be fun again, no?

• From one of my simple-living mentors: Simple photo storage

• So many of you ask me: With smartphone cameras as great as they are, do we really need a digital camera anymore?

• The art of taking better pictures with your Smartphone.

• History Lesson: How digital photography took down one of the largest companies in America, Kodak.

• A story we ran on my favorite ways to print digital photos.

• Instagram envy: How do people add all that cool handwriting to photos?

• Printing photos for the wall? Why not print the whole wall?

• Different options for different folks: 4 ways to back up your digital photos (please tell me you’re doing at least one of these!).

• Do you know that your pictures have geo-tags, and they can tell people lots about you? Here’s a primer, with instructions on how to turn this feature OFF on your phone (can you say, “invasion of privacy?!”).

• Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes, even digital. Here’s some advice for how to let go of photo clutter

Can you control your child’s digital footprint? And, my favorite new app for privately sharing your children’s pictures.

• Oh, and marshmallows that you can print pictures on. Happy friday.

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