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3 killer kids birthday party ideas

Birthday Party Ideas Digiknow

So you want to surprise your kiddo (and impress guests) with a memorable kids birthday party, but can’t afford to spend a fortune (or weeks searching for unique favors and decorations)? Well, here’s a reason to celebrate: I’ve found some totally killer kids birthday party ideas that’ll each make a huge impression on a tiny budget (thank you, technology!). You can also see me showing them off on my new uLive series, Digiknow!

My first new favorite kids’ party find is temporary tattoos that you can make and print yourself. That’s right, no more random cartoon characters on your kid’s arm. Instead, you (or your kids) can draw anything you like on the special tattoo paper, print and cut them out. If you’re artsy, you could even draw an old-style “MOM” tattoo, but with your kid’s name in that old English font. The options are limitless.

Birthday Party ideas

Now, on to having your cake and eating it too— send a photo away and receive edible stickers you can put right on top of those cupcakes. BOOM— unforgettable, personalized birthday treats. (Now, when Auntie Amy says she’s gonna eat my daughter’s face, she really means it!)

These ideas, plus a bonus one, in my minute-and-a-half-long Digiknow video, here.

Party on! Excellent!

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  1. Hi – can you please post your resources on this video – you got some great stuff… but for some reason i can’t find some of them (like tapshare :()

    Thanks, Nickey

    1. Nickey— for some reason the link to Tapshare’s app isn’t working… I fear the worst, but I”ll look into where it went. In the meantime, similar apps like Cluster or Albumatic!

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