Free Homework Apps [Hallmark Home & Family]

homework apps

Hey hey! Here’s a very quick friday post to say I am on Hallmark Home & Family this morning! Tune in at 10a Pacific/9a Central: I’ll be talking about totally free and very awesome homework apps that will help your kids out with those worksheets and chapter quizzes. Maybe you saw me on TV? If so, welcome to my blog!

homework apps

homework apps

If they’re little tykes, they might dig Endless Wordplay, a fun app that builds letter-sound recognition and helps kids start to spell and rhyme. It’s free, though after three games you’ll need to cough up $7 for more lessons. Highly worth it, if you consider it’s a way to put your kids in front of an iPad for a little while and not feel guilty about it.


homework apps

For your elementary/middle-schoolers, Photo Math is like having a math tutor in your pocket. Simply take a picture of a math problem (integers, algebra, or any other math problem that’s over a parent’s head), and it will spit out the answer, showing you how it got there, step-by-step. Yes, this could be used to cheat on math homework. But the way I see it, the answer to every thing is on the web these days— kids need to learn how to use tools like this for good, not evil.


homework apps Lastly, high school and college kids are up to their eyeballs in exams. Study Blue makes it easy to make your own flash cards and study guides: It tracks your progress through interactive tests and lets you know what you need to review, and what you’ve got in the bag. A $7/month subscription lets you tap into millions of user-generated flash cards and study notes, organized by school, class, and even professor. Plus all your notes travel with you, on every device, so there’s never a moment when you can’t be cramming for that next test.

Catch Hallmark Home & Family on the Hallmark channel today at 10a Pacific/9a Central! And have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I saw you today on the home & family and saw this homework for kids, I got to share this info with my Young adults at our churc . Thank you so much for creating something like this, our young school kids we work with really need this ??

  2. Hi Carley! You are {as always!} amazing. Thank you for the Photo Math recommendation. I knew you would have an idea for this math-challenged mom as I struggle to “help” my son with his homework. You rule!

    1. Yeah, Erin… my kids have long passed the point where I can “help” them in math… unless my blank stares are helpful. 🙂

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