Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Here’s the thing about moms: They don’t need gadgets and apps to be the ultimate multi-taskers.

Making dinner, killing bugs, weighing in on homework, fixing broken toys, getting smeared with gross things, keeping a keen eye on everyone’s emotional state. Before there were productivity tools and task managers, there was just… mom.

When I was younger and hard at work in my career, I used to think I could get a lot of stuff done in a day. Then I became a mom and blew my old self out of the water. The only difference was, there was usually no one there to see it. No accolades when I rocked an overtired baby to sleep, no shout-out in the company newsletter when I caught an ice cream cone mid-air and saved it from sudden death (and an ensuing tantrum). When I spent countless hours at speech therapy sessions with my son, taking notes and wondering whether he’d ever speak normally (he’s a brilliant orator today)… when I spent hours watching my daughter sleep, assessing her labored breathing due to overgrown tonsils and adenoids (she grew out of it)… and all those times I wondered if I was doing any of it right (there’s still no consensus on that one).

Mother's Day

This is my mom in THE most fantastic 1970s white suit, (complete with cameo pin and blowout). She is, and always has been, a giant heart on legs. Everything she does is driven by her love for her family (and fashion, clearly), and I learned everything I know about how to show love, how to give and receive love, and how to have a loving marriage, from watching her.

Most of my audience are moms (they’re the most time-starved among us and always looking for tools to help them stay organized, sane, and get things done), I want to let all of you know that, I see you, when no one’s looking, killing it. Especially those moms of special needs kids, who can’t tell you ‘I love you’, or hug you, or make you a card. You are all my personal heroes: Happiest Mother’s Day.

To my mom, my mother-in-law, my sister and sister-in-laws, and all of you: Enjoy being fawned over on your special day, and I’ll see you back here on Monday, when life kicks back in.

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