Gifts for new moms

Gifts for new moms Carley K.

The best gifts I got as a new mom were from moms who had been through it.

Those moms who had done their time, pacing with a sleepless child in their arms, struggling to open a stubborn stroller, or figuring out how to not look a mess at all times. They came out the other side with bags under their eyes and heaps of wisdom. Especially when it comes to which products are worth buying, and which ones aren’t. I remember worshiping, them, and wondering if I, too, would make it to the fabled “other side,” where I wouldn’t feel like a zombie, and could wear pants without an elastic waist.

I’m happy to report that, somewhere along the way I made it through, and when some friends had new babies recently, I realized that I am now one of those seasoned moms. It’s fun to get gifts for new moms because I skip right over the obvious choices to the small discoveries that were life changing when I was in the trenches. With Mother’s Day coming up soon, here are some of my favorite gifts to give new moms, and some new ones I wish I had back when my kids were little.
gifts for new moms carley k

1. Sophie the Giraffe is the gold standard for teething toys. No substitutions will do.
2. Everpurse is a clutch that charges your phone— slip it in your diaper bag.
3. Stowaway Creaseless Concealer— for those tired eyes.
4. iBaby video monitor lets you turn the camera around the room and check on baby from your iPhone
5. Origami by 4Moms is the Galendewagen of strollers— it folds and unfolds itself and charges your phone while you push it.
6. Ugg Dakota slippers for those nights padding around the house with a sleepless baby.
7. Kidscounter Squeaky Clean body wash has no toxic chemicals to pollute baby’s bath.
8. Jawbone Up Move is a lot of fitness motivation in a little package.
9. Pacif-i smart pacifier monitors baby’s temperature and sends changes to your smartphone.
10. Jennifer Meyer “mommy” necklace to herald her new identity in rose gold.
11. The diaper bag from Baggu Carry-all that doesn’t look like one.
12. Affix Tile to your keys, your wallet… anything you don’t want to lose to mommy brain.
13. Beaba Babycook Pro helps mom steam, cook and blend baby food from scratch.
14. Artifact Uprising Softcover Photo book turns smartphone photos into memories.
15. Primary bodysuit set is baby’s wardrobe in a box, at an honest price.
16. Leeo is a nightlight with brains: monitoring smoke and carbon monoxide in baby’s room.
17. Bath spout cover protects little heads from bathtime bumps.



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