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3 educational apps that kids will love

Educational Apps

If you’ve got kids, then I’ll bet you’re more than a little bit familiar with the pings and dings of devices running 24/7. With iPad textbooks in backpacks, and digital, well, everything becoming the norm, tech is a pervasive part of young life. So when it comes to screen time, I’ve pretty much adopted the motto, “If you can’t beat ’em, at least make ’em educational.”

Now, if you’re thinking “educational” means “not fun,” let me school you on that: many of today’s educational apps are actually extremely cool. I’ve rounded up a few all-stars for Digiknow, my series on uLive.

Digiknow Educational Apps

First off are two apps that can teach kids to code. Yep, this means that they can not only play games, but start building their own. Hopscotch looks like a game with cute cartoon monsters, but it’s actually a tool that lets users drag and drop blocks of code to create programs. On the iPad, kids can even shake or shout at the creatures to move them around. Then, for the older kid (or even grown-ups), there’s Codecademy, which teaches website-building and programming languages such as Javascript, Python and Ruby…for free.

As for the kid who just wants to have fun, you might want to pre-order Osmo. It’s a puzzle app that lets kids use real pieces to physically do the puzzles offline—the app “sees” what’s going on and records points for every success.

Take a look at these and one more great idea in my video on uLive, here!

Do you have a favorite app for kids? Let me know in the comments!

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