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Bathroom Upgrade: U by Moen Wi-Fi Connected Shower

Moen U by Moen

Thanks to Moen for sponsoring this post.

We spend hours and hours of our lives in the bathroom. From grooming and getting ready to showering and… the rest of it. So, in my humble opinion, it’s critical that you not only love your bathroom space, but that it works just as hard as you do to help you get ready to face the day.

A big part of that job is making easy work of repetitive tasks. If you think about it, turning on your shower is something you do every day (except those top knot days— we know who we are). So why should it be a mystery bag each and every morning— sticking your head into the shower, fiddling with knobs, getting soaked, and waiting (and waiting) for the water to come to temperature?

If we can have autonomous cars, and drone-delivered burritos surely we can have a bathroom upgrade that betters our daily bathroom routine? Imagine my delight when Moen offered to give me a peek at their brand-new U by Moen shower — it solves for all of these headaches and more.

Let’s start at the beginning: With an app on your smartphone, you can start your shower while you’re still in bed. While you’re still warm and cozy. Or if you choose, start it from the wall-mounted digital shower controller. Either way, you won’t be sticking your head in the shower to get the water going. One touch (or tap) will activate your custom setting— which parts of your shower you’d like activated (think sprays, heads, sticks), and what precise temperature your shower will be. Up to 12 presets can be created, so not only will you and your spouse be able to set things up exactly as you like, but you’ll have room to specify even more experiences. Love a piping-hot shower before bed? A slightly cooler one after a workout? Save your preferences and your perfect shower is a tap away.

U by Moen shower solves for another problem that nagged me— the time it took to run the shower to get it up to temperature, where all that water was going down the drain. If you don’t check the water every 30 seconds (or worse, stand there with your hand under the stream, shivering, and wait), then you’re wasting a lot of water in the pre-game. Instead, Moen gets your shower to temperature, then pauses and automatically holds the stream and waits for you. You’ll get a notification the moment your shower is ready, and once you enter the water will be at the perfect temperature, all without running it needlessly. Water conservationists will also love the timer feature— if you’re new year’s resolution was to take shorter showers to save water (until recently, we were in a drought here in California, so this is all very top of mind), then you can set the shower to turn itself off in 10 minutes— keeping you on schedule and helping you commit to saving more H2O.

Smart Home technology is always impressive. But it doesn’t always solve problems, which can make it much less compelling over time. Not the case here— with the U by Moen shower not only does a shower feel more luxurious, but the mundane annoyances of this daily task have been washed away.

Thanks to Moen for sponsoring this post— our sponsors help us continue to create great content at

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