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Tech For The Funnest Summer Ever

Best Summer Tech: Jenny Copper Nest Thermostat

It’s still a bit chilly in Los Angeles, but any day now the heat will be here to stay and I’m already imagining how good summer will feel on my skin. I’ll be spending as much time at the beach as humanly possible, and the hubs and I just locked down an incredible anniversary trip to Hawaii that I am counting down the minutes to (it’s our 20th anniversary… I’m sorry how did that happen?). All that, plus a lot of travel— to New York, to Rhode Island, and a chunk of time spent in Canadian cottage country with my family. When it’s all over, I hope to happily unearth my sweaters and boots, knowing I squoze every last bit of fun and sun out of the season.

Of course, there are gadgets and apps to help me have the funnest summer ever, and I plan on using them all: To stay safe in the sun, to keep tabs on the house when I’m away, and to make sure every member of the family has fun (even the furry one). Here’s the tech I’m eyeing to help me enjoy summer to it’s fullest.

Parrot Drone: Fun Summer Tech

Take Flight

I have to say, I haven’t really jumped on the drone bandwagon. My kids had a tiny one, it broke, and they lost interest… that was kinda the end of that. But the higher-end drones are coming down in price, going up in battery life, and offer some fun features that have me intrigued: This Parrot Bebop 2 quadcopter drone flies for 25 minutes and captures stunning 1080p video or 14 megapixel photography while it soars above you. You can steer from an app on your smartphone or tablet, or download a GPS app and tell it to fly over your local taco shop to see how long the line is. Now that’s as compelling a reason to own one as I’ve ever heard.

Ultra Violet: Fun Summer Tech

(Don’t) Feel the Burn

Making sure you have enough sunscreen on, and knowing when to re-apply, can be a confusing process. Apps like Raymio or Violet by Ultra use your skin type, your geographic location and the UV Index forecast to take the mystery out of SPF and keep you safe from harmful rays. Both apps have trackers (not yet available but coming soon) to help you get an even more accurate read on your environment, as well as monitor your vitamin D intake, an essential vitamin that many of us sun-avoiders are deficient in.

Fun Summer Tech: Nest Cam

Keep tabs on Home

Summer trips are a fun way to escape the sameness of life at home, but it’s often unsettling to leave all your worldly possessions (including children and pets!) behind. Keep an eye on things with the Nest Cam Indoor — an easy-to-set-up HD video camera that lets you peep the house from wherever you are and even chat to the kids (or dog—get off the sofa, buddy!) using the Nest app. If the house is empty, the cameras will alert you if it senses motion. Upgrade by adding Nest Aware to store 30 days of footage in the cloud, so if you come home to a houseplant that’s been turned over, you can review the footage and know exactly who the culprit is (I’m on to you, cat).

Dog Vacay: Fun Summer Tech

Make Puppy Plans

Furry family members don’t always get to join us when we head out for summer adventures, but there are ways to make sure they stay safe and have a blast, even if they don’t get to tag along. Rover will pair you with the perfect dog sitter, whether you’re looking for your dog to sleep out, or stay at home while you’re gone. All sitters pass rigorous background checks and are approved by the Rover team who are as picky as they would be with their own pets. You can book and pay using the Rover app, so it’s simple to set up potty breaks, dog walks or overnight stays from your hotel room or weekend cabin.

Fun Summer Tech: Nest Thermostat

Of course, if pets are staying home without you, you’ll want to make sure they’re comfy. With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you can keep climate control costs down while you’re away but still make sure your fur babies aren’t sweating (or freezing!).

Bluesmart Black Edition Suitcase: Fun Summer Tech

Carry-On Smart

Packing your tech for a summer vacation is optional (we could all use a digital detox, right?). Packing in a high tech suitcase, however, should be required— we need all the help we can get navigating airline travel. The Bluesmart Black Edition smart suitcase is more like a personal assistant on the road: A geo-tracker comes in handy if you accidentally misplace your luggage, the suitcase can be locked remotely with an app, and built-in phone charger means you’ll always have juice. Plus a digital scale means you won’t be surprised at the airport with heavy baggage fees. A genius travel companion.

This post was written in partnership with Nest. As always, all opinions are my own. Thanks to you for supporting our partners!



nest copperI’ve teamed up with Nest to giveaway one of their Learning Thermostats in GORGEOUS copper! To enter, click on the black banner on top of my blog! Want bonus points? Follow me @carleyknobloch & @nest on Instagram and leave me a comment on today’s post to let me know what your summer plans are! Entries close on Monday, May 29 at 5pm PST. Winner will be announced Tuesday, May 30 at 10am PST! Good luck!

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