The Best Task Lamp Round-Up Ever

task lamp

It’s time to hit the books! Knuckle down! Straighten up and fly right! Insert additional motivational metaphors here! Back to school time always gives me that rush of inspiration, and today it’s channelled into the largest round-up I’ve ever done, ever: Task lamps.

Task lamps are tough to get right, because usually they’re ugly. Or the light they emit is garish. Or they just don’t do the job of illuminating the work on your desk in the style you care to cultivate. Usually, they look like something you got at an office supply store when you were picking up paper clips and I just don’t think it has to be that way. I just don’t.

I personally like a true task lamp that articulates over my work, and is adjustable in case I want it to back off, or really beat down on what I’m doing. I also prefer a warm glow, shying away from halogen (but some people love the super-bright blue light they emit— hey, whatever floats your lamp boat). I’m intrigued, too, by a couple of the finds below that have chargers for your smartphone— that’s a good idea whose time has come.

I went on a hunt for a task lamp or two and man, did I find them, in large numbers and several categories. I’d be stoked to put any one of these fifty-seven beauties on my desk: I am confident you’ll find one that gels your home office or homework station vibe.

Without further adieu, I present a big pile of task lamps to you. Hope they make you more productive at home, work, or doing homework.

The Metallics

These metallic lovelies are like jewelry for your desk. I’d love to see one of the sleek, modern ones paired with a more traditional decor. Oh, and this just in: Copper is the new gold, and I can’t get enough.

task lamp

1. Clint Mini Task Lamp; 2. Thin – Task & Table Lamp; 3. Tripod Desk Lamp; 4. Colorful Task Lamp; 5. Punk Lamp; 6. Threshold Task Lamp; 7. Kelvin LED Table Lamp; 8. 4040 Locust Teeny Table Lamp; 9. Paix Table Lamp; 10. Carpenter Table Lamp; 11. Jansjo Work Lamp; 12. Slim Desk Lamp; 13. Copper Arc Table Lamp; 14. CB2 Clip Brass Light; 15. Clint Desk Lamp.


The Naturals

I am never mad at a neutral. In fact, it’s my default mode for both home and personal styling. These wood and clay would bring a bit of earthy texture to an otherwise slick space, or add to an already rustic charm.

task lamp

1. Studio Task Lamp; 2. Riggad Worklamp with Wireless Charging; 3. Lumisource Wood LED Plank Table Lamp; 4. Studio Desk Lamp; 5. Baton Table Lamp; 6. Littleman Desk Lamp; 7. Rook Lamp; 8. Magical Thinking Hanne Table Lamp; 9. Tisdag LED Work Lamp; 10. Snoig Wall Lamp; 11. Rex Desk Lamp; 12. Emerson Light; 13. Kelly Slater Shoreline Task Lamp; 14. Between a Rock and Lamp Base; 15. Cornet Table Lamp.

The Colorful

Bright hues and playful poses give these lamps the bit of quirk that your space needs. Trust me. Try a pop of color in a more traditional shape, or something wacky that calls attention to itself every which way. No matter what, you’ll wake up your work area in a big way.

task lamp

1. Quattro Table Lamp; 2. Mixed Media Table Lamp; 3. Industrial Task Table Lamp; 4. Trask Desktop Lamp; 5. Orange Limber Task Lamp; 6. Wally Task Lamp; 7. Pop Light-Autumn Star; 8. Pixo Optical Task Light + USB Charging port; 9. Swabdesign Task Lamp; 10. Hi-Light Task Lamp; 11. Painted Flynn Table Lamp; 12. Anchored Orb Task Lamp; 13. Sidnie Lamp; 14. Trapeze Task Light; 15. AJ Table Lamp.

The Kid-Friendly

Who says that kids can’t have fun and see their homework? Not me. Each of these lamps makes heaps of sense in a kid’s room, where animals are welcome and silliness is a must. Hey squirrel, could you hold this lightbulb for a second?

task lamp

1. Dash Table Lamp; 2. Seated Squirrel Lamp; 3. Ikea Snoig; 4. Brass Bunny Table Lamp; 5. Ikea Synas; 6. Woopsy Table Tamp; 7. Utopia Elephant Table Lamp; 8. Asterisco 1 Light Table Lamp; 9. Industrial Carriage Lantern Distressed; 10. Natural Color Table Lamp; 11. Stella Lighting Stella Task LED lamp; 12. Charging Station Task Lamp.

I shudder to ask: Did I miss any favorites? Let’s light up the comments!

Image borrowed from One Forty Three.

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  1. For the primary time ever I absolutely very own something featured in one in all your posts. I can’t tell you how happy I am approximately that. I used the brass tripod ground lamp in the second photograph in my son’s nursery. It’s a remarkable lamp, and the rate can’t be beaten for the first-rate. I’ve had my eye at the three mild brass fixture from Target for some time now but haven’t pulled the trigger.

    I love that white ceiling fixture inside the percent with the white fireplace. Where is that from? And even as we are on the subject of lighting, any plans for a put up on stylish but functional furniture for overhead trendy purpose light (particularly for residing rooms with low ceilings)?

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