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Shopping for Art with Twyla

Twyla Art: Installation

This post is sponsored by Twyla

I decided recently that, somewhere along the way, I turned into a full-fledged adult. Most days I still feel like an awkward teenager (until I catch my crow’s feet in the mirror), so I’m not sure what happened to seal the deal: Two kids (one who JUST got his driver’s license— EEK!)? The mom car? Hmmm, those could be clues. But really I think it was discovering that more and more of my friends are collecting and buying art. Like, real art. They visit galleries, sip champagne at openings, negotiate with dealers and know how much to pay for a piece.

Fancy grown-up stuff I know nothing about.

I have a long love affair with art that started when I was in middle school. I would take the subway home and my mom would pick me up from a nearby stop. While I was waiting for her, I’d duck into an art book store and flip through everything I could. I dreamed of someday seeing Monet’s Water Lilies, Van Gogh’s Self Portrait, and Matisse’s The Dance. In high school, I became enamored with the explosive pop art of Andy Warhol, and Robert Rauchenberg. In college, I studied Surrealism and marveled at Dali’s dripping clocks.

Today, I’m an art lover who knows what she likes and has an eye for good work. Usually I have a knack for choosing large-scale work that’s WAY beyond my price range (let’s face it, most original artwork is), and haven’t a clue how to approach a gallery, get it framed properly, and hung securely.

So it was interesting to discover Twyla, who is trying to remedy the problem of how to buying  high-quality art from established artists without with the exceedingly high prices, pretention and jumping through hoops. I jumped at the chance to work with them to select a piece for my house, and every time I walk by it now, I rub my eyes— I can’t believe I have such a grow-up piece of art in my home!

Twyla Art: Installation buying art

Twyla Art: Installation buying art

How It Works

They truly take care of everything: They curate the cool collection of beautiful works— everything from photography to landscapes, from abstract to more traditional works to some truly show-stoppy controversial stuff, if that’s your thing. It’s all limited edition, so you know you’re purchasing something special that you’re not likely to see pop up on your instagram feed in anyone else’s home. You choose it, and can purchase it frameless, or framed per the artist’s specifications, or in a few other high quality finishes you might prefer. And then you can have it shipped to you, or go for the full white glove treatment, where they will come and hang it for you.

Best of all, you can try the art for 30 days. If you don’t love it, you can return it no questions asked. This is a big deal— making a big purchase like this is terrifying, so I appreciate the opportunity to have second thoughts. It makes it much easier to pull the trigger and buy a piece like this online.

So, what are you buying?

Twyla Art: InstallationEach museum-quality limited edition print is created in close partnership with the aritst. Some are reproductions of existing works, and some are created exclusively for Twyla. Each is printed on high quality rag paper and is color corrected and printed to the exacting specification of the artist so you know you’re getting something special. For the aritst, it’s a win: Exposure to new audiences, inclusion in a cool, curated community, a great new source of income and a reproduction of their work they can feel good about. For the customer, it’s often a way to buy works those originals are typically in the tens-of-thousands range for a fraction of the price. WIn-Win. 

Each piece also comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.

Choosing My Piece

Finding art is a bit like dating. When I see a piece I love, I just get that feeling in my gut. When browsing through Twyla’s website, there were dozens of pieces I loved and would have been happy to hang in my home (a few others I have my eye on here and here). I was looking for a large piece, that could fill an entire wall in my dining room, and that would be soothing, minimal and bright— my drapes are patterned and my rug is pretty vibrant, so I didn’t want something that would compete too much.

When I found Matthew Satz’ smoke painting, my gut said, Yeah, baby.

Matthew is a mixed-media artist whose work has been commissioned for Prince Albert of Monaco and the Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan. I spied one of his similar original works on being sold for $16,000. My print was a more attainable $2,400. No small expense, but from an artist of this caliber, and in this limited quantity, it’s a piece that will likely retain it’s value, if not increase. I’m making an investment, albeit a very beautiful one.

I chose to have the piece framed with the artist’s choice of frame, a beautiful white maple, and opted for the white glove delivery experience.

Twyla Art: Installation

Installation Day!

In a few short weeks, I was notified that my art was ready to roll, and we scheduled an appointment. I was waiting  by the doorstep as the van pulled up, and my piece was unpacked from it’s specially-designed Twyla box. 

Twyla Art: Installation

Twyla Art: Installation

Two lovely, experienced art installers greeted me at the door and sussed out where the piece would go. Because we discussed a pesky 2” chair rail in advance, they brought all the materials they’d need to build out the cleat they’d hang the piece on so it would clear the moulding.

Twyla Art: Installation

Twyla Art: Installation

We established how high we’d hang it, and how it would be centered on the wall. The whole process was lovely— they were organized, efficient, and neat. And honestly, this piece is HEWGE… there’s no way I could have hung it on my own.

Twyla Art: Installation

Twyla Art: Installation
Look, I’m helping!

Twyla Art: Installation

Twyla Art: Installation

I am BEYOND thrilled with the end result. It’s like a dream to walk by and see this ethereal smokey piece as I go about my day. Like I live in a gallery or something.

So grown-up.

Thank you Twyla for sponsoring this blog post and furnishing beautiful art for my home. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors— I only work with brands that I think you guys will really enjoy. 

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