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New Smart Home Stuff I’m Digging

Awair: Smart Home

There’s a little spring in my step this time of year, as CES draws nearer and I start to plan my annual trip to Vegas. Home technology innovations will abound, and I’m sure there will be one or two smart home announcements that will change the game. Here are some of the newer smart home products I’m crushing on right now— they’re all solving our home headaches, and doing it with a bit of style.


Home control might be nothing new, but “home health” feels new and interesting. This device (pictured above) monitors indoor air, but more than just temperature: Humidity, CO2 levels, VOCs and dust levels all help to paint a picture of the air quality in your home. Then Awair offers helpful tips that can keep you from getting sick, or suffering an allergy attack.

Get Awair


Birdi: Smart Home


Birdi is a smoke detector, but better. Like, Awair, it monitors your air quality, but with an eye toward alerting you about emergencies, like a sudden spike in temperature or too much carbon monoxide. It’s sleek design will disappear on a white wall, and is a vast improvement from that screeching smoke detector you’ve got now.

Get Birdi


June Oven: Smart Home

June Oven

If you’re lacking skills in the kitchen, meet your new sous chef. This oven will help you face complicated recipes with ease, and get done in less time. Carbon fiber elements means super-fast preheating, and it can identify your food and suggest a cooking plan. Control and monitor cooking with a live video stream from it’s in-ceiling camera. Plus it’s big enough for a 12″ pizza. SOLD.

Get June


Torch Router: Smart Home


Parents are forever worried about what their kids are encountering on the internet. Now, you might not have to worry if they’re surfing in your home. Torch takes the stress out of your children’s digital habits, letting your pause your children’s online activity with the touch of a button, see exactly how much time they’re spending online, and custom-block anything unseemly that you don’t want them to see.

Get Torch


Notti: Smart Home


Notti is a notification system disguised as a beautiful lamp. It will light up when you get a call, text, or notificaiton, and you can customize different colors for different alerts so you know what’s up… without having to pick up your phone. Quiet, screen-free times ensue.

Get Notti

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