Living Room Redesign: What’s your type?

Living Room Redesign

Now that the days of obligatory towering speakers, bulky VHS machines and boxy tube TVs are over, you have lots of options to redesign your living room set-up according your personality and viewing habits.

Slimmer, sleeker tech and lots of streaming media options have opened up a world of possibilities. So, when it comes to living room redesign, what’s your type?

High Drama Living Room Redesign Carley Knobloch

High Drama

Cat fights in prison! Diabolical politicians! High drama-lovers, you know who you are. Elevate your environment to match the dramatics with this eye-catching setup.

TV: As stunning in design as it is in picture quality, Samsung’s 75” ES9000 LED TV is, literally, the gold standard. Did you see its rose gold bezel? Did you seee it? Plus it’s a smart TV, which means you can voice-command and motion control it. Did I mention the rose gold bezel? Be still my heart.

Console: Lawson-Fenning’s Oak Niguel cabinet has just the right amount of brass flash—and inside, it’s lacquered (for the really dramatic, choose red). The piece is big enough to compliment the TV, yet dark enough not to overwhelm the room.

Object: Like gold pick-up sticks, this sculpture from Dwell Studio gives the room a dynamic burst of “pow!” so that even between episodes, the drama is always on.

Amazon Fire TV and Netflix app: Tune in your favorite Netflix exclusives, like Orange is the New Black, and Amazon Prime exclusives like House of Cards, with instant-streaming Amazon Fire TV. It’s complete with voice search (that works!), and more than 200,000 movies and shows in its library. And to keep the drama going wherever you are, try the Netflix app, and catch your favorite shows on all your devices.

Living Room Redesign Carley Knobloch
Bright & Bold

Are you the type to crank up the music video channel and bounce around the room? Hey, some girls just wanna have fun, and if you’re one of them, your design setup shouldn’t whisper, it should roar! Try on these bright, bold picks for size.

TV: Why choose plain black when you can have glossy white with blue accents? This Samsung LED TV is not only stylish, but doubles as a computer monitor, so it’s great for gaming, streaming… or even doing work when you’re not watching. Perfect for a dorm room, where space is a premium and gadgets should do double duty.

Console: This snazzy piece is an IKEA bargain. The Besta Burs TV unit adds punch to a room, and it contains big drawers to hide your less-pretty gear.

LampThis handmade desk lamp from Onefortythree is swimming pool-cool in glossy aqua. It sets off the bright console, and gives the room another big color jolt.

Chromecast and Vevo app: Chromecast is tiny and affordable (perfect for bold girls who also happen to be broke girls).  It’s a thumb drive-sized device that syncs your device and your TV, streaming tons of apps, from YouTube to HBO Go to anything you’ve recorded on your phone. Keep the fun going with Vevo’s app, so you can enjoy the latest music videos wherever you happen to be.

Easy Eclectic Living Room Redesign Carley Knobloch

Easy Eclectic

A little bit sweet, a little bit offbeat, maybe with mismatched mugs in your cabinet and a few vintage dresses in your closet…in a word, you’re eclectic. You can carry your style into a hip, laid back living room with a few easy pieces.

TVThis Sony BRAVIA has built-in WiFi to make it easy to switch from TV to streaming content, before you even add a set top box (though that’ll expand your choices big time, which is essential for the eclectic watcher). Its simple lines keep the TV in the background, so your cool accessories and decorations can take center stage.

Console: West Elm’s Mid-Century Media Console looks like a pricey piece from the fifties, but its drawers and doors are sized for today’s equipment, and open smoothly on modern hardware. Plus the wood is responsibly sourced, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Cool!

Succulent planter: This hanging planter from Redraven Studios is perfect for a small space…or to fit in with all your existing, beloved ephemera.

Mug: There’s nothing like a cozy mug to warm up both your belly and your space. This pick from LEIF is great for tea…or for stashing those spare thumb drives, ear bud adustors or other gizmo-related stuff.

Roku 3 and Hulu app: I’m willing to bet that you enjoy a smart rom-com…and as I mentioned, though your WiFi TV offers some things, the Roku 3 streams more than anyone. So you can have your Emma Stone, plus TED talks, A&E, or whatever else strikes your fancy today.  Add the Hulu Plus app to instantly stream more favorites to your phone.

What’s your living room personality? Tell me in the comments!

Main photo courtesy of West Elm

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