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Get help managing bills

It’s no secret: I am a little bit obsessed with organization. And when a product takes something very unsexy, like bill paying, and creates a smartly designed app that saves me tons of energy, well, swoon.

Note: Manilla has shut down since this article was written.

Manilla, the free online interface and app that rounds up all my bills in one place, and even stores them for me with no limit. (Full disclosure: I’ve teamed up with the company to sponsor this post, but I’ve been working with them for years, truly because I love the product so much.) It works with more than 3,500 companies, so all my bills arrive directly through Manilla: no scanning or linking from site to site. Bills that aren’t online, like my babysitter or dog walker, can be custom-added. And no more spreading piles of paper fill my kitchen counter or clog my mailbox. Yay.

The new feature that has me all excited is Bill Share. I can use it to instantly invite my husband, parents, a roommate or even my kids (one day, let’s hope) to view or co-manage the bills. Or my parents can Bill Share with me so I can help them manage their budget: the app’s dashboard lets me leave comments and start a conversation about any billing account. I can even Bill Share with my accountant, so I don’t have those last-minute tax time crises where I can’t remember whether I sent her certain documents or accidentally—panic—shredded them. Phew!

Manilla Bill Share

You can test it out for free right here, and let me know—does it make bill-paying into less of a hassle? What are your favorite ways to ease bill-paying pain? Tell me in the comments!

Thank you to Manilla for sponsoring this post!

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