High Tech, Low Tech: Summer Reading List

High Tech, Low Tech: Books

I’m a little undecided when it comes to how I like to enjoy my summer reading list— in paper or pixel form.  I do most of my fiction and non-fiction reading digitally now— on a Kindle or a tablet or smartphone (thanks to Apple iBooks and Kindle apps, no matter what device I pick up it knows what page I’m on), but when it comes to cookbooks, design books or magazines, I’ve bought digital versions in the past and always regretted it. If it’s got color photos, I want to dog-ear, bookmark, and pore over glossy pages.

Whether you’re addicted to your e-reader or still crave the flip of the page, I’ve found a high and low tech way to enliven your summer reading list:

Oyster Books Summer Reading List

High Tech: Oyster

Perusing the latest bestsellers at the bookstore (if you can still find one) is a luxury. The reality, however, is that subscribing to a book service such as Oyster is a digitally savvy way to choose and read books—on any device—for far less money and time. Simply download the app and start choosing from thousands of titles for one attractive price of $9.95 a month. When the app gets cozy with your browsing and buying preferences, it’ll recommend titles you’ll love (read between the lines here: smart and savvy).

Summer Reading List : Juniper Books

Low tech: Juniper Books

Turn your current book collection or a new pile of summer cooking inspiration into a unique work of art with book jackets from Juniper books. Founder and designer Thatcher Wine banks on the fact that people really do judge a book by its cover… and while these custom covers are a splurge, they make killer gifts or  show-stoppers on an open cookbook shelf.

All things being equal, which is the most novel idea to you? Do comment…

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