Don’t Look Now: Digital Privacy Window Film by Aeotec

Aeotec SmartFIlm

If you’ve got a window that you’d love to make opaque without shades, and still let in more light when you need it… here’s a smart solution.

At CES, Aeotec previewed digital privacy window film that starts out perfectly clear… and turns opaque at the touch of a button. It’s a total DIY project: cut the special contact film to fit your window, apply, add electrical clips and voilà. It’s WiFi-enabled, so you can even control it from your smart device or computer. This could be great in a bathroom (let in the daylight when you want to put on makeup!), or in a window that faces a neighbor’s place, so you can have sunshine by day and privacy by night.

DIY Network and I made a video about it—see the film in action here.

You can’t buy it quite yet, but you can get on the list here.

Peek into the future.

Where would you install remote-controlled window film? Let me know in the comments!

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