Better Together: Light ’em Up Edition

Better Together

Better together is a series of posts where I explore a pairing of high and low tech stuff I think goes great together. Do you have a Better Together suggestion? Let me know!

The Fujiya lamp from CB2 is pretty bent out of shape, but that’s just how we like it. Built from solid white oak with clear matte lacquer and flaunting an elegant red cord, it’s perfect for rooms requiring a different slant on lighting. Save your toes the trouble of tapping its foot dimmer by screwing in a LIFX, a light bulb that you control with a smartphone.  It runs on 10% of a standard bulb’s energy and lasts up to 25 years, plus turns millions of colors to boot. Turn your home into a disco with a rocking music sync feature, then naturally doze off to dreamland with an automatic sleeptime dimmer setting. How many electricians does it take change an LIFX? None. You can do it yourself.

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