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Red, White and Blue Recipes with Heidi Larsen

red white and blue recipes

Here’s one key thing about me: I love to entertain, and I especially love to cook. So FoodieCrush, the site about food bloggers and their best recipes, is a favorite hotspot of mine. Just in time for the fourth of July, I interviewed founder Heidi Larsen, who pointed me toward 50 of her favorite red, white and blue recipes and also shared her thoughts on tech. First, the food—look for the Independence Sandwich Bread (crazy!), stunning Strawberry Shortcut Doughnut Muffins, and classic Pinwheel Icebox Cookies. Stop it, Heidi. Just… stop it.

And now, dig into five questions with Heidi…

1. How would you describe your relationship with tech in a word or two?

Love hate.

2. How does tech play into your everyday life?

Starting with the marimba ring of my iPhone alarm at the start of my day, I don’t stray too far from the Cloud and the devices that keep me connected to my online work life as a food blogger and online magazine publisher. Between promoting posts on Twitter, Instagramming the breakfast I served my daughter or checking food blogger Facebook groups, I have my iPhone in hand most of my day. All of my work is done via Cloud either via iCloud or Google Drive, making it super easy to work from home on my iMac, at the library on my Macbook Air, or on the road with my iPad. I can work seamlessly anywhere I am. But I always make a point of logging off and checking out every few days to keep my sanity.


3. Must-have gadget for managing life and home?

Hands down it’s my iPhone. I find I can do everything faster on it, from answering emails to Face Timing with my 70-year-old mom, to setting the family calendar, it’s all there, and syncs to every one of my other 932 devices.


4. Favorite tech-ccessory?

It isn’t an accessory, but is an app. Instagram. I’m constantly taking photos of what I eat, my family and other oddball things, to the extreme annoyance of everyone else in my family, and posting them online. But the real fun is having a voyeuristic view of what goes on in everyone else’s lives that makes me feel connected to people I know really well and to get to know better those I don’t. It’s the ultimate envy stimulator.

5. Desert island app for managing life or just having fun?

I’m obsessed with seeking out the best, most complete, highest rated apps to make my life easier, simpler and more organized. Now if I would just use them, I’d be in business.


Got a favorite recipe for July 4? Like any of Heidi’s favorite tech? Tell me about it, in the comments!



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